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Costume Construction for Charlie

The Charlie Brown cast is not only working hard on the show itself but also their costumes. The cast, directors, and parents have worked together to create costumes for each character.


“It’s amazing what a little fabric and a hot glue gun can do”
Sarah Bucknam


“ It has been so much fun watching these 6 kids get so excited about their costumes. We were told that one student even turned down a day at the pool because he knew a piece of his costume was scheduled to be delivered that day.”
– Aj Jeck


“When Caraline found out she cast as Sally, she was beyond excited, even though her character wears pink! Caraline is not a fan of pink but “its all for the cause” she says! 😀

Measuring and sewing her polka dot dress and lacing her white shoes with black strings to match her character has been exciting. Caraline can’t wait until the entire Peanuts cast is together in full costume!”

– Katie Perkins: Sally’s Mom

Make sure to mark your calendars to come see the finished products!


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Matching Shirts for the Charlie Brown Clan

When cast shirts walked in the door on Saturday morning, you would have thought it was Christmas. The face of every student lit-up and they couldn’t get the shirts on fast enough.


You may notice a few things about these shirts that are a little different…

Instead of a cast list, each student was able to personalize the back of their shirt with their character name. Parents,  directors, and Spotlight fans were also given this opportunity. Some of us got REALLY creative!  _U1R8202

Each shirt is also a different color. Can you figure out why each students shirt is the color that it is?

Hint: These aren’t their favorite colors! _U1R8198

Answer:  The design was printed on different colors because the cast wanted their shirt to be the color that their character wears. Bright colors play a predominate role in this show and our students wanted their cast shirts to represent that.

The cast is in love with their shirts and I will be surprised if they will every take them off!


Make sure you mark your calendars so that you can come see these crazy kids put on an AMAZING SHOW!


 Sponsored by Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives


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Charlie Brown rehearsals are still going strong. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, this show was created to challenge our students who were ready for an extra push. We have challenged the students with the difficulty of choreography and music but also with the rehearsal intensity. Spotlight students typically rehearse every Saturday for 1-3 hours but we pushed the Charlie Brown cast much harder. Last week Charlie Brown rehearsed every night for three hours and for EIGHT hours on Friday. We choreographed and cleaned ALL musical numbers.

“When deciding to conduct such an intense week, I had my worries. This week could have gone one of two ways. The kids could have loved every second and come out stronger actors OR we could have killed them(not literally). I am pleased to say that each student arrived and left with an amazing amount of energy and an increased love and passion for the ARTS!
Sarah Bucknam


Mya Hunt and Dylan Maynard practicing Harmony

We asked the Charlie Brown cast a few questions after this crazy week to get their opinions. You can find some of their answers below…

1.) What have you enjoyed most about being a part of the Charlie Brown Cast?
2.) What are you most excited about?
3.) Share your favorite memory from this past week.


Caraline Perkins: Sally Brown

  1. I enjoy more one-on-one time with the directors because there aren’t as many people. I love this group of people too!
  2. I am so excited about performing at the schools because I’ve never gotten to do that before!
  3. When Matthew brought his iPod and we were listening to broadway radio. “Naughty”, from Matilda, came on and we went crazy! We were jumping and dancing all over the place!


Jean Luc Gallien: Charlie Brown

  1. Learning new dances and getting to hang out with friends.
  2. Seeing how the play comes together and getting to perform at different schools
  3. Everybody sharing their costume ideas. It’s hard to think of one thing that stands out, because I’m happy every time I go!!


Mya Hunt: Lucy

  1.  Singing practice, acting, dancing,and being part of the cast.
  2. Performing for people and doing the traveling shows.
  3. When we dressed up during rehearsal and we acted wild and crazy. Oh yeah….. and planning Sarah and Aj ‘ s wedding.



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Do Something Creative Everyday

For those of you that are justing joining us here at Spotlight Acting School, you may  not know that a famous motto we have here, from Spotlight’s founder, is, “Do something creative everyday.”

This is something that many artistic children do naturally anyways, but students at Spotlight are particularly encourage to let their inner creativity out!

Since summer is coming to an end this week for most of our students and our semester begins this Saturday with auditions for Aladdin and Alice in Wonderland and next Saturday for Cinderella and Arsenic and Old Lace, I thought it would be a good time to share some creativity that has happened over the summer with some staff and some of our students!

Sarah Bucknam

As a director here at Spotlight, Sarah typically stays busy all the time. Seriously, she is one busy bee. On top of Shrek the Musical, the multiple camps we’ve had this summer, and directing You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Sarah has also been very active with her photography business! In case you didn’t know Sarah is the creator and owner of Pretty Pixels Photography, where she takes all kind of photos, from weddings to dress rehearsals to family portraits! In fact, some of Sarah’s photography made it in the Kentucky Living magazine!

“Pretty Pixels Photography gives me the chance to be creative! I am pleased to say that I have done something creative EVERY DAY this summer.” -Sarah


The Perkins’ Family

You might have seen Caraline on stage before in shows such as, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Aristocats, Peter Pan, Shrek, and upcoming in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. This summer her little brother and sister, Zach and Lainey, joined Spotlight with Oh Those Summer Nights. On top of having cupcake competitions to making movies this summer, this bunch loves to perform so much they decided they wanted a stage in their backyard. If that’s not creative, I’m not sure what is!


Katie U.

Earlier this summer you may have seen Katie onstage singing about how Farquaad’s guards blew her condos down in Shrek the Musical and then in Oh Those Summer Nights, but the fun didn’t stop there. In fact, Katie went to MADD Camp (Music, Arts, Drama and Dance), where she got to learn and express her creativity for an entire week!


Chad & Letha Hembree

Chad and Letha Hembree are pretty much creative all the time. They kind of have to be, being the owners of Spotlight Acting School. They have had an eventful summer, from Shrek the Musical, to Oh Those Summer Nights, to the multiple camps, to planning and preparing for this semester. There’s been a lot of creativity going on in the Hembree household. Even on their vacation in Florida they were hard at work, researching and participating in mystery dinners.


Yes, this is Mr. Chad participating in a dinner show.

Katie W.

Katie W. was also in Shrek the Musical hitting those wicked notes as the Dragon. Not long after Shrek ended, Katie packed her bags for three weeks to participate in Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts. Katie looked like she had a blast!



Karlie has had an eventful summer! After traveling across the country she visited the Oregon Film Museum and was a cowgirl out west! Karlie didn’t have to go too far to be artsy though. Just in her backyard she made a birdhouse for her clubhouse and colorful lanterns out of tin cans.




Gwen sang about being “too off the wall” in Shrek the Musical this summer as Humpty Dumpty. I think her choice in hair color is just fine…in fact I think it’s awesome! As soon as Shrek was over, Gwen dyed her hair BLUE (and a gorgeous shade of blue, I may add).


Brandi (Me)

I have had a lot of fun this summer with directing or being involved with all of our productions here at Spotlight. Something creative I like to do outside of Spotlight is crochet. I love making scarves, blankets, dishcloths, accessories, and this summer a couple of photo props for Pretty Pixels Photography! One of my favorite things I have crocheted this summer has to be this baby blanket I made for a good friend.



This summer Critley has had the opportunity to not only be involved with several of Spotlight’s productions, but she has also gotten a job writing for the Berea Citizen. She does a great job covering local news in our community!

“It gives it a chance to use the other part of my degree, English! New’s and writing has always been something I’ve loved. I even used to publish a family newspaper when I was 9 . I would collect family stories, birthdays and events . Then I would print them and deliver them to my family months. So I guess you could say I’m back to my roots!”


With our semester starting on Saturday I am excited to hear more stories about how our students spent their summer creatively. I bet if I had a list of every single student that did something artsy then I could write a whole book! I love our students and how artistic and talented they are, thus I am looking forward to another fantastic semester at Spotlight Acting School!