Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Kids Cast List 2016

sleeping beauty.fw
BLUE Group Character PURPLE Group
Gabriella Martin Aurora/Briar Rose Kylie Hammonds
Keara Koerner Maleficent Anna Barnes
Colbie Sherrill Flora Sasha Yow
Hannah Cable Fauna Raya Miller
Taylor Hembree Merryweather Jessie King
Catherine Tait Queen Stephanie Annabelle Lankford
Will Cintra King Stefan Rylan Stone
Max McIntier Prince Phillip Gannon Stearns
Caden Isaacs King Hubert Garrett Stearns
Madison Day Fumpfel (Goon) Ty Cain
Andrea Goetz Pest (Goon) Caitlin Dieckmann
Abigal Petrey Blather (Goon) Hana Elnahas
Haylee Hunt Stench (Goon) Embry Scarborough
Elena Cintra Owl/Loyal Subject Caroline Christian
Korbyn Buck Frog/Loyal Subject Brelynn Fletcher
Maddie Smith Bird/Loyal Subject Jana Elnahas
Piper Krejsa Animal of choice/Loyal Subject
Caroline Edmondson Animal of choice/Loyal Subject
Perry McIntier Animal of choice/Loyal Subject
Gillian Krejsa Goon/Guard Dimitri Varakin
Julianna Wells Goon/Guard Alexa Fletcher
Cassidy Christianson Goon/Guard
Aubree Musiz Fairy Eileen Varakin
Stella Hatfield Fairy Nadia Yow
Nora McIntier Fairy Emily Yalnazov
Hazel Cooper Fairy Clare Wood

Fairy Tale Day

From the farthest reaches of Scotland, to the depths of the bottomless blue…

Come meet some of your most favorite and memorable characters! Join us for a day of magic and happily ever afters as Princes and Princesses make their royal debut at the Spotlight Playhouse in Berea, KY. There will be story time, crafts, dancing, and photo opportunities that will end with a glamorous ball!

Some of our guests who have already scheduled to attend are: Princess Aurora, Princess Belle with the Beast, Princess Cinderella with her Prince Charming, Princess Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, Princess Ariel, Princess Merida, Alice and the Mad Hatter.
Our young attendees will have plenty of opportunities to interact with our guests from 3-6 pm on May 15th, 2016. Activities will be planned in a rotation with Craft Time with Rapunzel, Story time with Belle, Singing time with Ariel, and target practice with Merida. We will end the exciting day with an individual photoshoot with the characters done by Pretty Pixels Photography  and some dancing!

-Deanna Burns

Little Mermaid Jr. Cast List

Little Mermaid Jr. Cast List


 Blue Cast


 Characters  Purple Cast


Barret K. Prince Eric Rylan S.
Jeanluc G. Sebastian Asher C.
Will H. King Triton Brady S.
Aubrey C. Scuttle Charley H.
Kylie H. Flounder Dylan M
Anderson K. Flotsam Zach P.
Jackson W. Jetsam Jeriah J.
Caleb R. Grimsby Isaiah C.
Eva C. Chef Louis (See Below) Seth B.
Mya H. Ariel Caraline P.
Daisy C. Carlotta/Sailor/Starfish Jasmine S.
Jenna B. Ursula Emmy C.
Skyler P. Aquata/Chef Hannah C.
Caileigh C. Andrina/Chef Bailey D.
Leiah C. Arista/Chef Saylour B.
Eva C. Atina/Chef Cerra
Maribeth W. Adella/Chef Anna C.
Kara P. Allana/Chef Gwen S.
Theo M. Seahorse/Gull/Sailor Grant S.
Daniel M. Pilot/Gull/Jellyfish Grace T. (See Below)
Juliet C. Princess 3/Gull/Sailor/Jellyfish Candace K.
Seth C. Gull/Sailor/Clownfish Seth B.
Anaeity M.(See Below) Gull Sailor/Jellyfish Grant S.
Madelyne C. Princess 1/Gull/Sailor/Jellyfish Ainsley P.
Elana C. Princess 4/Gull/Sailor/Blowfish Elisa C.
Milla B. Princess 5/Gull/Sailor/Starfish June S.
Anaeity M. Princess 2 Grace T.

Little Mermaid Characters

tranaparent logo 3dfw

There are so many amazing roles in this show!
Character Breakdown
Casting Cast Size: Flexible
Cast Type: Children
Dance Requirements: Standard

Ariel: the heroine of our story, is a little mermaid who longs to be human. Cast a strong singer and dynamic performer in this role. Ariel has some beautiful solos but must be able to convey meaning through gesture once she loses her voice.
Gender: female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: Bb3

Prince Eric: is the adventurous prince who captures Ariel’s heart. Look for a charming performer with a sensitive nature. Prince Eric has a few small solos, but it is more important to cast a strong actor in this role.
Gender: male
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: B3

Sebastian: is the meticulous and anxious crab who tries to keep Ariel safe while getting to lead some of the most memorable songs in the show! Look for a strong singer who can also handle Sebastian’s emotional range. Sebastian can be played by a boy or girl.
Gender: both
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Flounder: is Ariel’s sincere and sensitive best friend who is loyal to the end. This spunky fish also has a show-stopping solo in “She’s in Love.” Flounder can be cast with a girl or a boy with an unchanged voice. This may be a wonderful role for a younger performer who is ready to take the next step into the spotlight.
Gender: both
Vocal range top: Db5
Vocal range bottom: G3

KING TRITON: rules the sea and is a force to be reckoned with. This non-singer needs to command the stage as a strong leader but also show the tenderness of a parent. Cast a mature performer who feels comfortable playing father to Ariel and the Mersisters.
Gender: male

The Mersisters: (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana) are Ariel’s siblings and full of personality and sass. These are great roles to showcase talented singers and dancers who can create and play six distinctive characters.
Gender: female
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: G3

Ursula: is the manipulative sea witch who tries to overthrow King Triton. She is cunning and devious and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Cast a mature performer who can bring out this villain’s humor while finding texture in Ursula’s complexity. Ursula’s songs can be challenging, so look for a singer who will feel comfortable with these solos.
Gender: female
Vocal range top: C#5
Vocal range bottom: F3

The Tentacles: are extensions of Ursula, perhaps the poor unfortunate souls who are now trapped in her lair. Look for six or eight performers who work well together and can move as a unit.
Gender: both
Vocal range top: C#5
Vocal range bottom: C4

Flotsam and Jetsam: are Ursula’s slippery spies. These electric eels are sinister and sneaky, so look for performers who can be underhanded and devious while still being heard on stage. Flotsam and Jetsam can be played by boys or girls.
Gender: both
Vocal range top: C#5
Vocal range bottom: C4

Scuttle: is the know-it-all seagull who serves as Ariel’s expert on humans. He is funny and off-beat. While a good singer will rock “Human Stuff,” this song can easily be spoken in rhythm. Look for a performer with good comedic timing who is willing to have fun with Scuttle’s eccentricities.
Gender: both
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: B3

The Gulls: are Scuttle’s flock of zany “back-up singers” who help explain human stuff to Ariel. While there are three principal gulls written in the score, feel free to add as many as you need to best serve your production. The Gulls’ solos can be spoken if necessary.
Gender: both
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: B3

Grimsby: is Prince Eric’s prim and proper valet. He is rigid in personality and constantly trying to guide Prince Eric towards the throne. While Grimsby does have some singing to do, strong acting trumps singing ability for this role.
Gender: male
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: E4

Chef Louis: is the over-the-top head chef in the palace. He is always wild and frenetic. This is an excellent featured role for a comedic performer.
Gender: male
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: A3

The Chefs: are Chef Louis’s assistants. The music in “Les Poissons” can be challenging, so good choral singers are a plus for this group. Your Chefs can also double as members of the Sea Chorus.
Gender: both

Carlotta: is the headmistress in Prince Eric’s palace and Ariel’s greatest human ally. This non-singing role needs to be warm and maternal to make Ariel feel welcome.
Gender: female

The six Princesses: try everything they can to win the heart of Prince Eric. Since none of them possesses the voice Prince Eric is searching for, cast actresses who can create an exaggerated and comedic personality through song. The six Princesses can double as the six Mersisters.
Gender: female
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: E4

The Pilot: is the head sailor on Prince Eric’s ship. This nautical expert who entertains the sailors with wild tales of the sea presents an opportunity to highlight a developing performer. The Pilot has a few speaking lines, but his singing voice is most important.
Gender: male
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: Bb3

The Sailors: are the crew of Prince Eric’s ship. They are eager for adventure and ready to tackle a storm. The Sailors can be played by boys or girls and can double as Sea Chorus.
Gender: both

Seahorse: The Seahorse is the court herald for King Triton. This non-singing part is a good role for a young performer with a clear speaking voice.
Gender: both

Sea Chorus: The Sea Chorus is responsible for creating each world within the show. Look for performers who can move gracefully and are capable of being part of a scene without drawing focus. This can also be an opportunity to showcase some of your more skilled dancers. The Sea Chorus can double as Merfolk, Sea Creatures and Lagoon Animals.
Gender: both

Sea Creatures: The Sea Creatures are the ensemble under water animals in King Triton’s court. They can include as few or as many performers as your production permits. There are several moments to showcase both dancers and singers in “Under the Sea.”
Gender: both

Merfolk: The Merfolk of King Triton’s Court and can double as Sea Creatures.
Gender: both

Lagoon Animals: The Lagoon Animals try to convince Prince Eric to kiss Ariel. This ensemble can double as the Sea Creatures.
Gender: both000378_hero

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Cast List

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Cast List

Kesha Hale- Logainne SchwartzandGrubenierre & Leaf’s Mom

Katie Willis- Marcy Park

Jessie Lawson- Olive Ostrovsky

Matt Manning- Leaf Coneybear & Jesus Christ

Jeremy Grant- William Barfée & Leaf’s Dad

Anthony Jeck- Vice Principal Douglas Panch

Matthew Nassida- Charlito “Chip” Tolentino, Carl Grubenierre, & Olive’s Dad

Dominique Norris- Mitch Mahoney & Dan Schwartz

Sarah Bucknam- Rona Lisa Peretti, Olive’s Mom



Bye Bye Birdie Cast List 2016


Most of the cast will also have to assume at least 1 extra role and more likely two extra rolls that are not listed in this posting.

Congratulations to all the cast!!!

Teen Chorus:  (Section Leader – Taylor Edwards)
Jessica Stone, Alyssa Bustle, Katie Upchurch, Maria Soens, Martha Lowe, Coddi Bollinger, Mary Harter, Aden Amburgey, Taylor Edwards, Katrina Godsey, Ashlyn Funk, Andrea Kobryn, Kelcee Gabbard, Micheal Soens, Amy Huffer, Lydia Amburgey, Addyson Fisher, Emmy Cummings, Rory Boggs, Bradley Powell

Principal Dancers: (Dance Captain – Mary Harter)
Jessica Stone, Katie Upchurch, Coddi Bollinger, Mary Harter, Aden Amburgey, Ashlyn Funk

Alyssa Bustle, Martha Lowe, Taylor Edwards, Katrina Godsey, Andrea Kobryn, Kelcee Gabbard, Amy Huffer, Micheal Soens, Bradley Powell

JR Dancers:
Lydia Amburgey, Addyson Fisher, Emmy Cummings, Rory Boggs

Jeremy Grant:                                Albert
Kesha Hale:                                      Rosie 
Matt Manning:                               Conrad
Alyssa Bustle:                                  Kim MacAfee
Bradley Powell:                             Hugo Peabody
Mary Harter:                                   Ursula
John Harter:                                    Harry MacAfee
April Schultz:                                  Mae Peterson, Maude’s 2nd Customer
Paula Davis:                                     Doris MacAfee, Maude’s Dishwasher
Kelcee Gabbard:                           Alice (Mayor’s Daughter) 
Jessica Stone:                                  Helen
Katie Upchurch:                            Margie
Maria Soens:                                   Penelope
Martha Lowe:                                 Deborah Sue, Harvey Johnson
Aden Amburgey:                          Nancy 
Ashlyn Funk:                                  Suzie
Katrina Godsey:                           One Girl/Teen,  Tele Hour Boy, Trio
Amy Huffer:                                    Teen, Tele Hour Girl, Trio
Coddi Bollinger:                            Gloria Rasputin, Tele Hour Girl, Trio
Taylor Edwards:                           Maude,  Reporter 1 , Tele Hour Boy
Andrea Kobryn:                           Mrs. Merkle Tele Hour Boy, Doctor
Micheal Soens:                              Fred, Tele Hour Boy, Guitar Man
Bobby Amburgey:                        Mayor, Policeman , Mr. Johnson
Megan Jones:                                  Mayor’s Wife, Reporter 3, Maude’s 1st
Emmy Cummings:                       Randi MacAfee, Telephone Hour Girl
Lydia Amburgey:                          Sad Girl 2, Tele Hour Girl
Rory Boggs:                                     Sad Girl 1, Tele Hour Girl
Addyson Fisher:                           Teen, Tele Hour Girl
Blair Soens:                                      Teen,  Reporter 4 
Jim Snyder:                                      Shriner, Ed Sullivan (Voice)
Gerald Moss:                                  Shriner
Dewane Shelton:                         Shriner

Get Creative!

As many of you know- our motto is DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY. Here are a few ways Spotlight and our students have been creative recently!

Student, Caraline Perkins, spent her snow day building Snoopy!



Dance classes at Spotlight have officially begun! Check out a short clip from our first jazz class.



Ryan Peters and his wonderful creative family spent their snow days building confetti canons for Beauty & The Beast!




Director Sarah Bucknam made a WHO HABITAT for Spotlight’s upcoming production of TO BROADWAY WITH LOVE. This flower will be used in a number from Seussical.




To Broadway With Love directors have spent many hours creating karaoke tracks.

We promise to continue sharing the fun and creative things we are up to!


Beauty & The Beast Cast List

Due to the large number of actors who auditioned for Beauty and the Beast, we are happy that we are able to have two casts! Both casts will still perform the same dates that were originally advertised, however, there will be multiple performances by different casts on Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22. Performance and rehearsal schedules are all available below.The only difference in the Blue and Purple groups are rehearsal and performance times. Both groups receive the same blocking, choreography, instruction, etc.

Beauty & The Beast Rehearsal Schedule

Dates Blue Ensemble Principal Purple Ensemble
1/23/16 – 2/06/16 3:00 – 4:00 4:00 -5:00 5:00 -6:00
2/13/16 – 5/07/16 10:30 – 11:30 11:30 – 12:30 12:30 – 1:30


Dress Rehearsal/Performance Week Schedule

Blue Rehearsals:

5/14/16 10:30-1:30

5/15/16 2:00-5:00

5/16/16 5:30-8:30

5/18/16 5:30-8:30

Blue Performances:

5/20/16 7pm

5/21/16 2pm

5/22/16 7pm


Purple Rehearsals:

5/13/16 5:30-8:30

5/14/16 3:30-6:30

5/15/16 5:00-8:00

5/17/16 5:30-8:30

Purple Performances:

5/19/16 7pm

5/21/16 7pm

5/22/16 2pm



Principal Characters

Blue Group Character Purple Group
Coddi B. Belle Deanna B.
Jeremy G. Beast Jeremy G.
Anthony J. Gaston Matt M.
Benji R. Lefou David L.
Laura G. Mrs. Potts Jessie L.
Matthew N. Lumiere Matthew N.
Darrell H. Cogsworth Ryan P.
Alice J. Wardrobe Dianne S.
Katie W. Babette Kesha H.
Chad H. Maurice Braden H.
Zach P. Chip Bailey D.
Alyssa B. Silly Girl 1 Dayah S.
Carli R. Silly Girl 2 Chelsea T.
Aden A. Silly Girl 3 Hannah M.
Joey R. D’Arque/Narrator Zach M.
Mya H. Beggar/Enchantress Aubrey C.




Blue Ensemble

Joey R. D’Arque/Narrator/Mob/Knife
Mya H. Beggar/Enchantress/Napkin/Mob
Alyssa B. Silly Girl 1/Wolf/Napkin
Aden A. Silly Girl 3/Napkin
Carli R. Silly Girl 2/Napkin
Emily M. Aristocratic Lady/Mob/Spoon
Jordan R. Bookseller/Mob/Wolf/Fork
Maria S. Fish Man/Mob/Wisk
JeanLuc G. Baker/Mob/Dish
Dylan M. Shepard Boy/ Wolf/Carpet/Mob
Tristan W. Hat Seller/Knife/Mob
Kylie H. Sausage Curl Girl/Mob/Dish
Kayla S. Lady With Cane/ Mob/Fork
Eva C. Milkmaid/Mob/Dish
Mitchell B. Candle Maker/Mob/Fork
Andrea K. Lady With Baby/Mob/Wisk
Laura C. Egg Man/Mob/Fork
Caraline P. Wolf/Mob/Spoon
Lindy F. Wolf/Napkin/Mob
Shandi J. Mob/Spoon
Annie J. Mob/Salt Shaker
Shelby S. Mob/Pepper Shaker
Lexi W. Mob/Spoon
Addyson F. Mob/Dish




Purple Ensemble

Zach M. D’Arque/Narrator/Mob/Wolf/Salt Shaker
Aubrey C. Beggar/Enchantress/Napkin/Wolf/Mob
Dayah S. Silly Girl 1/Napkin/Mob
Hannah M. Silly Girl 3/Napkin/Mob
Chelsea T. Silly Girl 2/ Napkin/Mob
Denise N. Aristocratic Lady/Mob/Wisk
Steven C. Bookseller/Mob/Knife
Brooks K. Fish Man/Mob/Fork
Caleb R. Baker/ Wolf/Mob/Dish
Grant S. Shepard Boy/ Mob/Dish
Riley S. Hat Seller/Mob/Dish
Gwen S. Sausage Curl Girl/Mob/Knife
Lily R. Lady With Cane/ Mob/Fork
Kara P. Milkmaid/Mob/Dish
Chloe S. Candle Maker/Napkin/Mob
Erin S. Lady With Baby/Mob/Pepper Shaker
Sydney P. Egg Man/Carpet/Wolf/Mob
Heather I. Mob/Fork
Mckenzie B. Mob/Spoon
Kristen G. Mob/Spoon
Bella D. Mob/Fork
Candace Mob/Spoon
Trinity V. Mob/Wisk
Raley H. Mob/Spoon

Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Kids Cast List 2016

Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Kids

Cast List 2016

Blue Group 12:00-1:30           Character             Purple Group 1:30-3:00

Charley Hamilton                       POOH                          Bailey Bullock

Rowan Ratcliff                              PIGLET                        Max McIntier

Aubrey Barrow                            TIGGER                       Bonnie Fitzsimmons

Emily Long                                      RABBIT                       Emily Cox

Anderson Kurtti                          OWL                            William Cintra

Haylee Hunt                                   KANGA                      Lily Meade

Sophia Barrow                              ROO                             Karlie Johnson

Stella Hatfield                               EEYORE                     Allie Morris

Caden Isaacs                                CHRISTOPHER       Jonah Hill

Madison Day                               RED/WORD               Cassidy Christianson

Ally Foley                                       ORANGE                     Gannon Stearns

Colbie Sherrill                             YELLOW                     Michiko David

Hana Elnahas                              GREEN/WORD       Elena Cintra

Dimitri Varakin                          BLUE/WORD          Valerie Morris

Catherine Tait                           VIOLET/WORD      Tammy Dunlap

Eileen Varakin                          BEE/ANIMAL             Trevari Gardner

Clare Wood                                BEE/ANIMAL            Zaedyn Himes

Jana Elnahas                              BEE/ANIMAL             Lauren Wills

Micah Robertson                    BEE/ANIMAL