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Into the Woods Cast List 2018

BLUE 10-11:00 PURPLE 11-12:00 RED 12-1:00
Baker Jack Jack Silas
Baker’s Wife Bailey D. Mya Bailey S.
Rapunzel’s Prince Seth Seth Daniel
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf Phoenix Phoenix Rylan
Jack Dylan Maynard Dylan Maynard Theo
Cinderella’s Father Ty Dylan Mims
Steward Ty Dylan Mims Jasmine
Milky White Hannah Jazlyn Raya
Narrator Will Callie Liz
Cinderella Caraline Larkin Bonnie
Witch Emmy Bella Catherine
Jack’s Mom Charley Jessi Kyra
Little Red Lydia Kara Saylour
Cinderella Stepmother Bailey B. Trinity Lily
Lucinda Abby Sydney Ellie
Florinda Avery Sophia Ainsley
Rapunzel Kylie Addyson Braelyn
Cinderella’s Mother Hadley Ava Kaleigh
Granny Hadley Ava Sasha
Mysterious Man Grace Brady Brady

Cast List for Magic Tree House 2018

Blue Cast Character Purple Cast
1:00-2:00 All Rehearsals in BEREA 2:00-3:00
Carter Begley Jack Micah Robertson
Marley Crace Annie Bethany Lunceford
Josi Anderson Jester Embry Scarborough
Romero Cranstoun Black Knight Kodi Pence
Haylee Hunt Red Callie Harris
Stella Hatfield Mustache Jonathan Adair
Madison Day Squinty Jazzlyn McAdam-Martir
Landon Seale Duke Grayson Wells
Lainey Perkins Rikki Lee Ann Hasty
Chase Easter Barter Arianna Conley
Teddy Cranstoun Yates Elizabeth Tait
Jasper Stapleton Keeper of Dungeon Grace Gibbons
Josie Hunt Keeper of Dungeon Judah Clemmons
Tiffany Reed Keenan Ainsley Pence
Kadance Darby Elf Sydnee Wells
Lilly Cummings Young Vagrant Maya Collins
Kate Cornelius Old Vagrant Julianna Wells
Theo McPherson Harry Matthew Metcalf
Madelyn Browning Sharon the Sheep Shearer

Madagascar Cast List 2018

One Cast
Rehearsals – Saturdays 8:30 am to 9:45 am beginning Feb 24
Performances – June 21-24

Alex Kylie
Marty Ty
Gloria Jessi
Melman Kai
Skipper Jasmine
Karalski Hannah V.
Rico Jonna
Private Mallie
Zelda Saylour
Zeke Rylan
Zoo Hannah P.
Mason Noah
King Julien Max
Marice Lucius
Mort Sienna
Lynn Rigel
Lew Catlin
Lee Lily
Lars Elena
Lemur Dylan
Lemur Brady
Fossa Leader Jenna
Server 1 Collyn
Server 2 Ava
Server 3 Natalie
Lioness Avery G.
Lioness Sofia
Lioness Margaret
Lioness Rhaea
Lioness Sophie T.
Lioness Xanthe
Lioness Korrigan
Lioness Sophie H.
Lioness Avery W.

Chad & Letha Hembree Annual Christmas Open House

All friends and Spotlight supporters new and old are welcome to attend. We know it is a busy time of year, so come and go as you please. For over 15 years we have opened our home to family/friends, (and even friends of friends) for a joyous celebration of our favorite season. Come see the Christmas Village with over 200 structures now, sample delicious treats, and eat all the chocolate you can stand while sharing in great fellowship and conversation.

Dec. 22  –  6:00pm – 10:00pm

207 Elkin St.
Berea, KY

You Can’t Beat the House Cast 2018

Director – Chad Hembree
Assistant Director – Mary Harter
2nd Assistant – Alyssa Bustle
Manager – Misha Highland

Role Red Blue Purple
11:30am – 12:40pm 12:40pm – 1:50pm 1:50pm – 3:00pm
Merle Raighan Kelly Silas Durham Brady Sexton
Howie Will Harter Micheal Soens Caleb Kingston
Conrad Phoenix Bills Charles Banderman Ty Cain
Glenda Jessica Stone Kelsey McNeal Jenna Briggs
Courtney Alyssa Bustle Maria Soens Alyssa Bustle
Milo Ethan Hovermale Josh Arnold Nathaniel Kingston
Lillian Bailey Bullock Jayna Singleton Abbey Kingston
Zendoia Celia Shaffer Marie Banderman Celia Shaffer
Brittany Hadley O’Bryan Kylie Hammonds Kylie Hammonds
Fern Sydney Whitson Isabella Singleton Hermione Granger
Dress Rehearsal May 20-24 5:30pm May 6-9 5:30pm May 13-16 5:30pm
Perofmances May 26-28 May 10-13 May 17-20

First Rehearsal Dec. 16th – Scripts and updated parent sheets will be distributed. This is going to be an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Once Upon A Mattress Cast List 2018

Princess #12/Kitchen Wench Maria Soens
Wizard/Nightengale Tristan Winstead
Lady Larken Aden Amburgey
Queen Aggravain Cassidy Jones
Prince Dauntless Brooks Kidd
King Sextimus Caleb Rader
Jester Dylan Maynard
Sir Harry Will Black
Princess Winnifred Alyssa Wray
Sir Studley Micheal Soens
Lady Mabelle Izzy Barton
Lady Rowena Mya Hunt
Lady Merrill Tessa Pickle
Lady Lucille Bella Butler
Lady Helena Shayla Doll
Lady Sarah Kara Peters

Lily Wickersham
Catherine Tait
Hana Elnahas
Sabrina Doll
Will Harter
Kenna Hale

Peter and the Starcatcher Cast 2017

Peter and the Starcatcher
Black Stache Dylan Maynard
Boy/Peter Silas Durham
Molly Aster Caraline Perkins
Mrs. Bumbrake Kara Peters
Slank Anderson Kurtti
Smee Bailey Davis
Prentiss Noah Varney
Lord Aster Jace Kuecken
Grempkin Lily Meade
Ted Brady Sexton
Alf Silas Cornette
Captain Scott Isabella Singleton
Ensemble: Kylie Hammonds
(Includes Sailors, Seamen, Jasmine Sexton
Seafarers, Orphans, Pirates, Nathaniel Kingston
Mermaids, Mollusks, Grass, Caleb Kingston
and Narrators) Kenzie McNeal
Embry Scarborough
Kaleigh McNeal
Uchechi Anyanwu
Saylour Burchfield
Ozy Anyanwu
Callie Harris
Trinity Harris
Dylan Mims
Kenna Hale
Olivia Kingston

Ava Stotts

Peter Pan JR Cast 2017

Haylee Hunt Peter Pan Kate Cornelius
Tiffany Reed Tinkerbell Grace Gibbons
Colbie Sherrill Iridessa/Aquata Bethany Lunceford
Madison Day Silvermist/Andrina Josie Hunt
Stella Hatfield Rosetta/Arista Ava Mitchell
Hannah Varney Fawn/Atina Larkin Masters
Brooklyn Pelfrey Lyria/Adella Elizabeth Tait
Aria Bauer Vidia/Allana Arianna Conley
Addyson Fischer Wendy Julianna Wells
Max Chatfield John Micah Robertson
Carter Begley Michael Mason Bingham
Daniel McPherson Mr. Darling/Chief Bamboo Moxen Hale
Arabella Collier Mrs. Darling/Tiger Lily Ainsley Pence
Jazzlyn Martir-McAdam Nana/Crocodile Jazzlyn Martir-McAdam
Gannon Stearns Captain Hook Callie Harris
Theo McPherson Smee Embry Scarborough
Emma Senters Jukes Owen Sammons
Kadance Darby Flint Grayson Wells
Shelby Koontz Cookson Sydnee Wells
Easton Martin Murphy Amara Anyanwu
Landon Seale Noodler Max Walters
Emma Gay Cubby Maya Collins
Lily Bacon Skunk Elena Cintra
Audrey Loosier Hop Lainey Perkins
Maddox Flanagan Fox Kodi Pence
Jasper Stapleton Raccoon Poppy Farmer

Disney’s Aristocats 2018 Cast List


Jasmine S. Duchess Caeli D.
Sienna P. Toulouse Mallie S.
Hannah V. Marie Rowan R.
Jonna S. Berlioz Caitlin D.
Noah V. Thomas O’ Malley Ty C.
Emmery C. Scat Cat Elena C.
Maya C. Wacky Cat Anaeity M.
Elizabeth T. Mad Cat Sophie H.
Natalie W. Hep Cat Sophie T.
Collyn M. Slick Cat Rosie P.
Opal B. Madame Margaret B.
Kylie H. Edgar Jessi K.
Davin B. Roquefort Kai K.
Kenna H. Napoleon Lucius I.
Samantha R. Lafayette Rigel I.
Jackson M. Vichy Dominic D.
Hannah P. Ssoise Makayla M.
Catherine T. Abigail Avery S.
Ava S. Amelia Olivia T.
Haven S. Ensemble Hannah C.
Kinley G. Ensemble Rhaea S.
Carley S. Ensemble Sofia C.

The Grunch Cast List 2017

The Outcasts

Rudy Grunch           Seth Bingham

Mills                           Garrett Stearns


Whoover Drama Club

Harper                       Dylan Maynard

Jayden                       Kylie Hammonds

Leslie                          Sophia Koontz

Chris                           Sasha Yow

Collin                          Jackson Walters

Rachel                        Kara Peters

Robyn                        Ozioma Anyanwu

Javier                         Bonnie Fitzsimmons

Alex                            Dylan Mims

Jamie                         Uchecli Anyanwu

Allen                           Silas Cornette

Isadora                      Paige Omohundro


Whoover Academy Staff/Critic Chorus

Principal Augustus             Phoenix Bills

Mrs. Woods                         Lily Meade


Theatre Critics – These are actual character names

New York Times (Mrs. Grundy)  Jenna Briggs

NY Magazine           Bailey Davis

Backstage                 Rylan Stone

NY Post                      Gannon Stearns

Variety                      Grace Tillie

Reporter                   Callie Harris


Junior Stars (Flowers)

Pip                              Laney Williamson

Apple                         Saylour Burchfield

Tot                              Kenna Hale

Ribbon                       Emily Barney

Junior Star                Jasmine Sexton