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Little Shop of Horrors Cast List

Seymour- Brooks K.

Audrey- Tessa P.

Mr.Mushnik- Phoenix B.

Orin Scrivello- Tarrylton

Audrey ll- Mya H.

Puppeteers- Ali K. and Caleb K.

Crystal (Greek chorus)- Izzy B.

Ronnette (Greek chorus)- Aden A.

Chiffon (Greek chorus)- Laura C.

Street Urchin- Jazzlyn T.

Street Urchin- Caraline P.

Street Urchin- Celia S.

A Voice (Not Unlike God’s)- Micah Lee

The Customer- Cassidy J.

Old Chinese Guy- Zach P.

The Patient- Bailey B.

Radio Announcer-Silas C.

Mr.Bernstein- Will H.

Mrs.Luce- Tristan W.

Skip Snip- Brady S.

Patrick M.- Dylan M.

Ensemble- Haley, Elizabeth, Ty, Emily, Kyra, Kylie, Lydia, Hadley, Kenna, Dill, Gannon, and Catherine.  — 

The Rainbow Fish Cast Update 2019

We are extremely excited to announce that The Rainbow Fish Musical has enough cast members to make the show now.  We will be filling in a few minor roles with directors and adult players that will make this show extremely fun for the little ones.

We extended the auditions to help the show be possible to produce without bringing in older students. Summer is tough for many families and we were aware of this, but Spotlight is no longer shutting down in the summer.  We needed to offer options to the students that want more opportunities to perform. Due to the extension we will not post the cast list until after this weekend.

Every child that has auditioned will be part of the cast.  Many will have to fill multiple roles. All will have plenty to do and sing. Please come to rehearsal on Saturday at 2:00 pm for a music sing through, lesson, and games. We will use this time as directors to make sure we have cast the show appropriately for the students we have participating before releasing the cast list.

Thank you for joining or staying an active member of Spotlight Acting School.  Your student will be receiving a special surprise gift for participating in this production as the first cast of Spotlight’s 15th Season.

Do Something Creative Every Day,
Mr. Chad 

Oklahoma Cast List 2019

Congratulations to all the cast.

The ensemble is extremely important in this show and there are many dances to learn, so please make sure you attend rehearsals. The Leads will most certainly be called for extra rehearsals.

LaureyAlyssa Bustle
CurlyMatt Manning
Aunt EllerMarsha Threlkeld
Will ParkerTarrylton Dunn
Jud FryJeremy Grant
Ado Annie CarnesJazzlyn Threlkeld
Ali HakimTristan Winstead
Gertie CummingsTessa Pickle
Andrew CarnesEdwin Tait
Ike SkidmoreKyle Shelton
FredBrady Sexton
SlimCassidy Jones
EllenCatherine Tait
KateAden Amburgey
SylvieLaura Case
ArminaKylie Hammonds
AggieLauren Cathcart
Cord ElamDillon Pickle
JessDylan Maynard
ChalmersKris Gruber
MikeJay Owens
JoeKyrsten Daugherty
SamJenna Briggs
EnsembleAngel King
Cowboys, FarmersArabella Huff
Ranchers, TownsfolkCarol Rice
Dani Gift
Denessa McPherson
Emily Fothergill
Gabby Wells
Hadley O’Bryan
Jasmine Sexton
Jennifer Woodrift
Kenna Hale
Lilly Cathcart
Lyndsey Varney
Natalie Fitzsimmons
Paula Davis
Phoenix Bills
Sherry Wells
Sophia DeShong
Trudy Tait
JR EnsembleAdi DeShong
Anaeity McPherson
Beau Wilmes
Elizabeth Tait
Leo DeShong

Junie B. Jones Cast List 2019

Junie B.Abby S.Josi A.Tiffany R.
DaddyDylan M.Lucius I.Beau W.
MotherRaegan L.Jessi K.Bella C.
LucilleKennedy L.Gabby W.Callie H.
MayEmily B.Larkin M.Haylee H.
GladysEmbry S.Bailee H.Kate C.
HerbNoah A.Rigel I.Micah R.
CamilleLyndsey V.Sydney D.Sarah A.
ChenilleAinsley P.Jonna S.Leah A.
GraceCamilla R.Emily C.Lainey P.
Bobbi JeanBethany L.Adalyn C.Mallie S.
Ms. Scary/StudentSaylour B.Miley W.Lydia W.
ShirleyDestiny V.Sophie H.Kadance D.
Mrs. Woo/StudentKelly M.Catherine P.Elizabeth T.
JosefinaSophie T.Maya C.Stella H.
Lena/LennieTeddy C.Sam M.Emma W.
SheldonRomero C.Landon S.Max H.
Lunch Student 1 /EnsMcKinley L.Dede L.Sienna P.
Lunch Student/EnsRobyn N.Victoria B.Leigha R.
Lunch Student/EnsAleigha C.Trinity B.Natalie R.
Lunch Student/EnsAdie A.Sofia C.Ady S.
Lunch Student/EnsAnna S.Avery B.Paige G.
Lunch Student/EnsEmma L.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Cast 2019

ChracterBlue (12:30pm)Purple (1:30pm)
Peter Quince
Nick Bottom
Francis Flute
Tom Snout
Robin Starveling
Robin “Puck” Goodfellow
Lucas S.
Irene K.
Darrell H.
Jazzlyn T.
Brady S.
Micah L.
Jessica S.
Elizabeth B.
Bonnie F.
Silas C.
Jasmine S.
Sophie G.
Laura Case
Celia S.
Elizabeth B.
Sophie G.
Jasmine S.
Irene K.
Lucas S.
Emily F.
Darrell H.
Kylie H.
Brady S.
Dillon M.
Jenna B.
Sophia D.
Olivia K.
Caleb K.
Ty C.
Nathaniel K.
Callie H.
Hannah P.
Catherine T.
Lydia A.
Kenna H.
Sophia D.
Callie H.
Nathanial K.
Hannah P.
Emily F.