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Season Closing Celebration

season closing featuredThe end of another season is here, but instead of being sad it is gone, we are happy for having the experience.  Join us as we celebrate our many successes and gather with our friends to look forward to the next exciting season.

Location:  Berea Campus (The Spotlight Playhouse)

Date: July 8th

Time: 11am-2pm

We will have grills rolling with lots of food, so plan on lunch with us.

Activities for all ages.

Newcomers and guests are welcome.  Shorts tours and informational sessions will be held on a rotating basis for all three hours.

Snow White Cast List 2017

snow white featured

Congratulations to the cast.

Character                                                Cast

Cat                                                           Jasmine Sexton
Queen                                                   Olivia Stotts
Esmerelda                                           Kylie Hammonds
Crone                                                     Paige Omohundro
Magic Mirror                                     Bailey Pearson
Princess Snow White                    Bailey Smith
Prince Robert                                   Will Harter
Huntsman                                           Rylan Stone
Enchanted Vixen                            Kelsey McNeal
Sarge (Dwarf)                                   Bailey Bullock
Gabby (Dwarf)                                 Abby Agee
Gloomy Gus (Dwarf)                    Brady Sexton
Ticklish (Dwarf)                              Kara Peters
Spritely (Dwarf)                              Sasha Yow
Snore (Dwarf)                                  Catherine Tait
Slowpoke (Dwarf)                          Ty Cain

Ensemble: (Animals, Guards, Birds, etc.)
Barrett Keck
Ava Stotts
Jessi King
Laney Williamson
Ashlyn Hamblin
Abigale Justice
Members of the ensemble will need to play multiple roles.

Jungle Book Kids Cast List 2017


Micah Robertson / Jeriah Johnston

Colbie Sherrill / Max McIntier

Haylee Hunt / Kylie Hammonds

Anderson Kurtti / Ty Cain

Saylour Burchfield / Theo McPherson

Grace Gibbons / Laney Williamson

Kate Cornelius / Jasmine Sexton

Opal Bailey / Tiffany Reed

Catherine Tait / Will Cintra

Lainey Perkins / Nora McIntier

Brooklyn Pelfrey / Perry McIntier

Hannah Cummings / Jackson Walters

Zach Perkins / Carter Begley

Gannon Stearns / Rigel Ibershoff

Riley Bonilla / Kai Kukas

/ Jackson McCullough

Elizabeth Tait / Caitlin Dieckmann
Mikenzie Farmer / Maya Collins
Hannah Varney / Kelly Maynard

Sammy Patten / Clare Wood
Stella Hatfield / Embry Scarborough
Andrea Goetz / Sienna Pratt
Iris Bailey / Lily Bacon
/ Emma Lake

Keaton Cook / Maddox Flanagan
Romero Cranstoun / Nathaniel Kingston
Max Chatfield / Dylan Mims
Jackson Sandusky

Noah Varney / Lucius Ibershoff

Peter Cottontail Cast 2017

An Easter Musical in One Act
Peter Cottontail

Peter Cottontail – Brady Sexton
Mother Rabbit & Mother – Alyssa Higdon
Tommy – Dylan Maynard
Sue – Kylie Hammonds
Moon & Jill – Jasmine Sexton
Sun – Hannah Varney
Farmer – Rylan Stone
Farmer’s Wife – Jenna Briggs
Jim – Noah Varney

Sun Mar 19 2:00pm – 4:00pm – Pick up Scripts and Question/Answer.  Come and go anytime from 2-4pm

Sun Mar 26 8:30am – 10:30am Sun Apr 2 8:30am – 10:30am

Sun Apr 2 8:30am – 10:30am Sun Apr 9 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Dress Rehearsals:

Sun Apr 9 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Mon Apr 10 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Tue Apr 11 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Wed Apr 12 5:30pm – 7:30pm


Thu Apr 13 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Fri Apr 14 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Sat Apr 15 7:00pm – 8:00pm  (Egg Hunt 5pm)
Peter Cottontail

Seussical the Musical Cast 2017

BLUE  (11:00-12:30)  /  PURPLE  (12:30-2:00)

Brad Powell  /  The Cat in the Hat   /   Stuart Rose

JeanLuc Gallien  /  Jojo  /  David Lawson

Matt Manning  /  Horton  /  Matt Manning

Aden Amburgey  /  Gertrude McFuzz  /  Chelsea Tipton

Laura Gallien  /  Mayzie LaBird  /  Alyssa Bustle

Laura Case  /  The Sour Kangaroo  /  Charley Hamilton

Max McIntier  /  Wickersham Brother 1  /  Dylan Maynard

Will Harter  /  Wickersham Brother 2  /  Barrett Keck

Danny Smith  /  Wickersham Brother 3  /  Brady Sexton

Will Black  /  Yertle The Turtle/Who  /  Jace Kuecken

Mary Harter  /  Bird Girl 1  /  Jessie Lawson

Kara Peters  /  Bird Girl 2  /  Lily Wickersham

Caraline Perkins  /  Bird Girl 3  /  Bonnie Fitzsimmons

Jeremy Grant  /  Mr. Mayor  /  Chad Hembree

Shandi Johnson  /  Mrs. Mayor  /  Taylor Edwards

AJ Jeck  /  General Gengus Khan  /  Lucas Slagle

Ryan Peters  /  Vlad Vladikoff/Jungle  /  Tristan Winstead

Phoenix Bills  /  The Grinch/Jungle  /  Ty Cain

Elizabeth Johnson  /  Jungle Animal  /  Amber Lutes

Bella Butler  /  Jungle Animal  /  Jasmine Sexton

Caitlin Dieckmann  /  Jungle Animal  /  Lily Meade

Colbie Sherrill  /  Jungle Animal  /  Cassie Speltz

Perry McIntier  /  Jungle Animal  /  Kylie Hammonds

Seth Hahn*  /  Who Citizen  /  Amanda Sexton

Laney Williamson*  /  Who Citizen  /  Josh Arnold*

Lydia Amburgey*  /  Who Citizen  /  Ainsley Pence*

Vonda Black  /  Who Citizen  /  Jenna Briggs*

Zach Perkins*  /  Who Citizen  /  Beverly Hammonds

Madison Day  /  Who Citizen  /  Halle Masters

Maysen Wilson  /  Who Citizen  /  Shawn Lutes

Nichole Williamson  /  Who Citizen  /  Drew Wolfe


Cheaper by the Dozen Cast List

Revised 3/18/2017

Blue Cast

Matt Manning – Dad
Kyrsten Daugherty – Mom
Paula Davis – Mrs. Fitzgerald
Beverly Hammonds – Dr. Burton
Caleb Rader – Joe
Dylan Maynard – Bill
Dalton Maynard – Dan
Shandi Johnson – Miss Brill
Katie Upchurch – Ernestine
Sabrina Doll – Martha
Caeli Doll – Jackie
Bailey Pearson – Fred
Kylie Hammonds – Lillian
Lucas Slagle – Larry
Micheal Soens – Frank
Laura Case – Anne

Purple Cast

Matt Manning – Dad
Alyssa Bustle – Mom
Paula Davis – Mrs. Fitzgerald
Scottie Johnson – Dr. Burton
Barrett Keck – Joe
Dylan Maynard – Bill
Dalton Maynard – Dan
Not Cast – Miss Brill
Shayla Doll – Ernestine
Madison White – Martha
Cerridwyn Miller – Jackie
Jonah Hill – Fred
Ashlyn Hamblin – Lillian
Lucas Slagle – Larry
Micheal Soens – Frank
Martha Lowe – Anne

A Year with Frog and Toad Kids 2017


Blue Group

9:00- 10:00 am

Frog & Toad Kids Purple Group

10:00- 11:00 am

Madison D. Frog Jessie K.
Gannon S. Toad Addyson F.
Colbie Bird 1 Saylour B.
Stella H Bird 2 Grace G.
Haylee H. Bird 3 Tiffany R.
Kate C. Bird 4 Aria B.
Jazzlyn M. Lizard Mason B.
Nora M. Mole 1/3 Noah V.
Romero C. Mole 2/4 Deacon S.
Maya C. Mouse Kelly M.
Embry S. Snail 1 Carter B.
Landon S. Snail 2 Hannah V.
Brooklyn P. Snail 3 Laney W.
  Snail 4 Elizabeth T.
Sammy P. Turtle Jeriah J.


Lion King Cast 2017

Purple Group

3:30 – 5:00

Lion King Jr. Blue Group

2:00 – 3:30

Celia S. Rafiki Lydia A.
Jeanluc G. Mufasa

(Costume Master)

Phoenix B
Izzy B. Sarabi Lainey P.
Colin R. Zazu Lilly M.
Will B. Scar Will H.
Dylan Maynard Simba Seth B.
Mya H. Nala Sofia D.
Bella Sarafina Tess M.
Lilly W. Shenzi Gannon S.
Brooks K. Banzai Daniel M.
Isaiah C. Ed Rylan S.
Caraline P. Timon Makena C.
Jazzlyn T. Pumbaa Asa G-S.
Emma L. Hyena/Gazelle/Dashiki Samantha G.
Asher C. Hyena/Zebra/Dashiki Natalie D.
Max M. Hyena/Giraffe/Dashiki Trinity V.
Jenna B. Hyena/Zebra/Dashiki Carter J.
Kara P. Hyena/Gazelle/Dashiki Garrett S.
Ty C. Hyena/Rhino/Dashiki ——-
Cassie S. Hyena/Birds/Dashiki Dylan Mims
Brady S. Hyena/Giraffe/Dashiki Deacon S.
Bonnie F. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki

(Dance Captain)

Emmy C. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki

(Costume Master)

Embry S.
Kylie H. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki

(Prop Master)

Avery S.
Addyson F. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki Riley H.
Anna C. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki Maysen W.
Sophia C. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki Laney D..
Faith M. Lioness/Grassland/Dashiki Abby T.


Thoroughly Modern Millie Cast List

We are looking forward to working with this talented cast. Mark your calendars now because this is bound to be a wonderful show!


Millie                                             Jessie L.

Jimmy                                           Jace K.

Ms. Meers                                  Mary H.

Muzzy                                           Alyssa B.

Flannery                                         Laura C.

Dorothy Brown                       Aden A.

Graydon                                       Matt M.

Bun Foo                                         AJ J.

Ching Ho                                      Brad P.

Policeman/ Rodney/Butler(Mathilde)                 Brooks K.

Ruth                                                  Martha L.

Gloria                                               Katie U.

Rita                                                   Maria S.

Alice                                                 Mya H.

Cora                                                 Bella B.

Lucille                                              Izzy

Dexter/Muzzy’s Boy              David L.

Daphne/Ethel Peas                Lilly W.

Dorothy Parker                        Kylie H.

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