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Into the Woods Cast List 2018

BLUE 10-11:00 PURPLE 11-12:00 RED 12-1:00
Baker Jack Jack Silas
Baker’s Wife Bailey D. Mya Bailey S.
Rapunzel’s Prince Seth Seth Daniel
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf Phoenix Phoenix Rylan
Jack Dylan Maynard Dylan Maynard Theo
Cinderella’s Father Ty Dylan Mims
Steward Ty Dylan Mims Jasmine
Milky White Hannah Jazlyn Raya
Narrator Will Callie Liz
Cinderella Caraline Larkin Bonnie
Witch Emmy Bella Catherine
Jack’s Mom Charley Jessi Kyra
Little Red Lydia Kara Saylour
Cinderella Stepmother Bailey B. Trinity Lily
Lucinda Abby Sydney Ellie
Florinda Avery Sophia Ainsley
Rapunzel Kylie Addyson Braelyn
Cinderella’s Mother Hadley Ava Kaleigh
Granny Hadley Ava Sasha
Mysterious Man Grace Brady Brady

Cast List for Magic Tree House 2018

Blue Cast Character Purple Cast
1:00-2:00 All Rehearsals in BEREA 2:00-3:00
Carter Begley Jack Micah Robertson
Marley Crace Annie Bethany Lunceford
Josi Anderson Jester Embry Scarborough
Romero Cranstoun Black Knight Kodi Pence
Haylee Hunt Red Callie Harris
Stella Hatfield Mustache Jonathan Adair
Madison Day Squinty Jazzlyn McAdam-Martir
Landon Seale Duke Grayson Wells
Lainey Perkins Rikki Lee Ann Hasty
Chase Easter Barter Arianna Conley
Teddy Cranstoun Yates Elizabeth Tait
Jasper Stapleton Keeper of Dungeon Grace Gibbons
Josie Hunt Keeper of Dungeon Judah Clemmons
Tiffany Reed Keenan Ainsley Pence
Kadance Darby Elf Sydnee Wells
Lilly Cummings Young Vagrant Maya Collins
Kate Cornelius Old Vagrant Julianna Wells
Theo McPherson Harry Matthew Metcalf
Madelyn Browning Sharon the Sheep Shearer

Madagascar Cast List 2018

One Cast
Rehearsals – Saturdays 8:30 am to 9:45 am beginning Feb 24
Performances – June 21-24

Alex Kylie
Marty Ty
Gloria Jessi
Melman Kai
Skipper Jasmine
Karalski Hannah V.
Rico Jonna
Private Mallie
Zelda Saylour
Zeke Rylan
Zoo Hannah P.
Mason Noah
King Julien Max
Marice Lucius
Mort Sienna
Lynn Rigel
Lew Catlin
Lee Lily
Lars Elena
Lemur Dylan
Lemur Brady
Fossa Leader Jenna
Server 1 Collyn
Server 2 Ava
Server 3 Natalie
Lioness Avery G.
Lioness Sofia
Lioness Margaret
Lioness Rhaea
Lioness Sophie T.
Lioness Xanthe
Lioness Korrigan
Lioness Sophie H.
Lioness Avery W.

So, you think you can write a play? – The Spotlight Festival of Short Plays

Short plays and musicals that are no more than 15 pages in length with an average runtime of less than 30 minutes.

Writers may submit only 1 play, including plays they have co-authored.

Each nomination must submit a separate Submission Form.

Plays must be typed. See the format guide attached.

Plays presented in previous Spotlight Festivals are not eligible for re-submission.

Poetry and short story readings will not be accepted.

The Spotlight Acting School, Inc. Festival Committee, in its sole and absolute discretion, shall select plays for participation in the 2018 Spotlight Festival from among all entries, and its decisions are final.

All submissions must be submitted by the Author[s] of the Play.

The author is responsible for co-producing the play in the event that the work is selected as a Festival participant. The responsibilities of the Producer include, but are not limited to, assisting in or suggesting casting; our 2018 festival is a non-equity festival; working with the appointed director or self-directing the work, assisting technical personnel; attending rehearsals; and assisting with costumes.

Script submissions will be accepted in digital format only. Each submission should be submitted as a single PDF or Microsoft Word Compatible (.doc, .docx) document. Documents must be labeled as follows: PlayTitle_Author’s Last Name.pdf (or .doc/.docx). Email the completed document as an attachment to .

All portions of the application must be complete.

Submission Form link

Spotlight Acting School, Inc. will announce the winners at the performance of Alice in Wonderland February 10th 2018 followed by posting the results on its website.

Disney’s Aristocats 2018 Cast List


Jasmine S. Duchess Caeli D.
Sienna P. Toulouse Mallie S.
Hannah V. Marie Rowan R.
Jonna S. Berlioz Caitlin D.
Noah V. Thomas O’ Malley Ty C.
Emmery C. Scat Cat Elena C.
Maya C. Wacky Cat Anaeity M.
Elizabeth T. Mad Cat Sophie H.
Natalie W. Hep Cat Sophie T.
Collyn M. Slick Cat Rosie P.
Opal B. Madame Margaret B.
Kylie H. Edgar Jessi K.
Davin B. Roquefort Kai K.
Kenna H. Napoleon Lucius I.
Samantha R. Lafayette Rigel I.
Jackson M. Vichy Dominic D.
Hannah P. Ssoise Makayla M.
Catherine T. Abigail Avery S.
Ava S. Amelia Olivia T.
Haven S. Ensemble Hannah C.
Kinley G. Ensemble Rhaea S.
Carley S. Ensemble Sofia C.

Elf the Musical Cast List 2017


Braden Mills Buddy Jace Kuecken
Elizabeth Robinson Jovie Izzy Barton
Jevon Gibbons Santa Jeremy Grant
Bobby Amburgey Walter Hobbs Ryan Peters
Paula Davis Emily Hobbs Diane Smith
Gannon Stearns Michael Hobbs Dylan Maynard
Tracey Cain Manager* Vonda Black
Caraline Perkins Charlie (Head Elf)* Kylie Hammonds
Maria Soens Deb (Hobbs’ Secretary)* Chelsea Tipton
Celia Shaffer Shawanda* Kara Peters
Paige Omohundro Sam* Cassidy Jones
Beth Grant Saleswoman* Andri Kukas
Andrea Kobryn Santa’s Helper* Kayla Newland
Garrett Hamilton Fake Santa* Kyle Shelton
Barrett Keck Policeman #1* Phoenix Bills
Bailey Pearson Policeman #2* Lily Meade
Mary Harter Sarah* Bella Butler
Lucas Slagle Mr. Greenway* Will Black
Aden Amburgey Chadwick* JeanLuc Gallien
Mya Hunt Matthews* Brooks Kidd
Charlotte* Lee Pence
Delani Reynolds Darlene Lambert* Ainsley Pence
Bailey Bullock Emma Von Brocklin* Jenna Briggs
Ty Cain Security Guard* Seth Bingham
Will Harter Security Guard*
Taylor Hembree New Yorker/Macy’s Employee* Lily Wickersham
Michelle Cecil New Yorker/Macy’s Employee* Beverly Hammonds
Amanda Sexton New Yorker/Macy’s Employee*
Jasmine Sexton Elf* Saylour Burchfield
Dylan Mims Elf* Kodi Pence
James Grant Elf* Kai Kukas
Gavin Bradley Elf* Tiffany Reed
Kenna Hale Elf* Sienna Pratt
Grace Gibbons Elf* Landon Seale
Elf* Karli Johnson
Lydia Amburgey Elf* Kate Cornelius
Elf* Opal Bailey
Elf* Riley Harris

*  Members of the ensemble.

Legally Blonde Jr. Cast List 2017

legally blonde logo
(in student name alphabetical order)
All Girls are in the Jump Rope Scene as Inmates – Jumpers will jump

Abby Deaton Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Abby Decker Store Manager/Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Aden Amburgey Elle Woods
Barrett Keck Grandmaster Chad/Waiter/Frat Boy
Becca Ramey Pforzheimer/Salon/Courtroom
Bella Butler Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Bonnie Fitzsimmons Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Brooks Kidd Warner Huntington III
Caleb Rader Kyle/Waiter/Frat Boys
Caraline Perkins Sabrina/Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Cassidy Jones Paulette
Celia Shaffer Serena
Charley Hamilton Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Delani Reynolds Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Emma Carty Brooke Wyndham
Emmy Cummings Pilar
Evelyn Deaton Enid Hoopes
Helena Arjona Whitney
Isabella Hernandez Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Izzy Barton Vivienne Kensington
JamieLee Smith Bookish Client/Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
JeanLuc Gallien Emmett Forest
Joey Bradshaw Kate
Kara Peters Chutney Wyndham
Katie Upchurch Winthrop/Salon/Courtroom
Keara Koerner Judge/Harvard Scenes/Salon
Lily Meade Jet Blue Pilot/Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Lily Wickersham Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Liz Capillo Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Makena Hurst Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Maria Soens Prison Guard/Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Martha Lowe Sundeep Agrawel Padamadan
Mya Hunt Margot
Olivia Short Saleswoman/Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Paige Omohundro Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Rileigh Perry Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Taylor Hampton Delta Nu/Greek Chorus
Trinity Carl Harvard Scenes/Salon/Courtroom
Tristan Winstead Lowell/Dewey/Frat Boy
Will Black Professor Callahan/Waiter/Frat Boy
Will Harter Aaron Schultz/Waiter/Frat Boy

American Horror Stories Cast 2017

american horror featured2Congratulations to all the cast.

The Ghost Hunt


Stage Manager                                  Sabrina Doll

Costumers                                           Will Harter

                                                                    Summer Hicks

Lights                                                      Brady Sexton

                                                                    Nathaniel Kingston

Sound                                                      Lydia Harrel

Special Effects                                   Caleb Kingston

Props                                                       Braelyn Cameron

Set Design and Build                      Josh Arnold

Phinn                                                      Shayla Doll

Joey                                                         Liz Capillo

Timmy                                                   Jessica Stone

Greg                                                       Michael Soens

Amy                                                        Sydney Jones

Heather                                               Olivia Stotts

Sarah                                                      Maria Soens

Mary                                                      Raighan Kelly

Eliot                                                       Jordan Roush

Stephen                                               Ty Cain

Elizabeth                                              Bailey Bullock

Victoria                                                 Alyssa Higdon

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Woman in White/Ensemble        Maria Soens

Indian Chief/Ensemble                  Ty Cain

Pirate/Ensemble                               Nathaniel Kingston

Mrs. Trenkler                                      Braelyn Cameron

Farmer Stuyvesant                          Micheal Soens

Mrs. Van Tassel                                   Lydia Harrel

Widow Van Doorn                           Summer Hicks

Mrs. Van Hudson                              Raighan Kelly

Hilda                                                        Jessica Stone

Greta                                                       Olivia Stotts

Katrina                                                   Sabrina Doll

Brom Bones                                        Jordan Roush

Yost                                                          Brady Sexton

Ichabod Crane                                   Will Harter

Walter/Ensemble                            Josh Arnold

Wilda/Ensemble                               Liz Capillo

Johanna/Ensemble                         Alyssa Higdon

Hendrick/Ensemble                       Caleb Kingston

Ensemble                                              Bailey Bullock

                                                                    Sydney Jones

                                                                    Shayla Doll

The 2017 Cast of Cinderella Kids

Cinderella Kids LOGO

Congratulations to all the cast.


Cinderella                           Aubrey Barrow
Anastasia                            Jasmine Sexton
Drizella                                Rowan Ratcliff
Stepmother                       Catherine Tait
Fairy Godmother           Elena Cintra
Grand Duke                       Theo McPherson
King                                        Deacon Stone
Prince Charming            Daniel McPherson
Gus                                         Hannah Cummings
Jaq                                          Sienna Pratt
Perla/Suzy                         Sophia Barrow
Luke                                       Elizabeth Tait
Herald                                   Larkin White
Town Crier 1 & 2             Olivia Kingston
Town Crier 3 & 4             Kerrigan Lance
Narrators 1 & 2                Emmery Cole
Narrators 3 & 4                Makayla Muncy
Ensemble                             Jazzlyn McAdam Martir
Ensemble                             Abrie Cole



Cinderella                           Jessi King
Anastasia                            Ashlyn Hamblin
Drizella                                Caeli Doll
Stepmother                       Kaleigh McNeal
Fairy Godmother           Lydia Amburgey
Grand Duke                       Lesley Morgan
King                                       Noah Varney
Prince Charming           Gannon Stearns
Gus                                         Hannah Varney
Jaq                                          Carley Barnett
Perla/Suzy                         Caitlin Dieckmann
Luke                                       Olivia Ingold
Herald                                   Madilyn Cordial
Town Crier 1 & 2             Vivian Mattingly
Town Crier 3 & 4             Carly Scenters
Narrators 1 & 2               Emma Berry
Narrators 3 & 4               Grace Ingold
Ensemble                             Logan Bourg



Cinderella                           Kylie Hammonds
Anastasia                             Saylour Burchfield
Drizella                                 Samantha Greene
Stepmother                       Makena Comley
Fairy Godmother           Tess McLin
Grand Duke                       Ava Stotts
King                                        Ty Cain
Prince Charming            Barrett Keck
Gus                                         Jonna Sizemore
Jaq                                          Marley Crace
Perla/Suzy                          Sophie Holbrook
Luke                                        Adlee Scott
Herald                                   Hannah Patton
Town Crier 1 & 2             Maya Collins
Town Crier 3 & 4             Collyn McCreath
Narrators 1 & 2                Layla Comley
Narrators 3 & 4                Audrey Loosier
Ensemble                             Bella Comley
Ensemble                             Mallie Jayne Strong
Ensemble                            Kinley Gordon

Season Closing Celebration

season closing featuredThe end of another season is here, but instead of being sad it is gone, we are happy for having the experience.  Join us as we celebrate our many successes and gather with our friends to look forward to the next exciting season.

Location:  Berea Campus (The Spotlight Playhouse)

Date: July 8th

Time: 11am-2pm

We will have grills rolling with lots of food, so plan on lunch with us.

Activities for all ages.

Newcomers and guests are welcome.  Shorts tours and informational sessions will be held on a rotating basis for all three hours.