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Little Shop of Horrors (Aug 16 – 24)

Presented by the Spotlight Acting School

Performed by advanced students Age 14-18

A deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash musical, Little Shop Of Horrors has devoured the hearts of theatergoers for over 30 years. Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, and Aladdin) are the creative geniuses behind what has become one of the most popular shows in the world.


Presented by the Spotlight Players

Waking from hibernation in the Spring, Frog and Toad plant gardens, swim, rake leaves, go sledding and learn life lessons along the way. The two best friends celebrate and rejoice in the differences that make them unique and special. Part vaudeville, part make believe… all charm, Frog and Toad tells the story of a friendship that endures throughout the seasons.

The jazzy, upbeat score of Frog and Toad bubbles with melody and wit, making it an inventive, exuberant and enchanting musical, perfect for introducing theatre to youngsters while keeping adults entertained, as well.

Dracula Auditions (Aug 20 – 7pm & 24 – 5pm)

Presented by The Bluegrass Players

Students under the age of 18 must get special permission from the director to audition.

Back by popular demand for the fourth year in a row, this retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic story brings a whole new twist to Dracula. Set in the Appalachian foothills not far from the Spotlight Playhouse, Dracula escaped London and has fled to the new world for a fresh start away from those who pursue him. This fast-paced high-intensity thriller is an audience favorite and has become a regular each season. Written and directed by Chad Hembree, Dracula: The New World stirs all the senses with an original soundtrack and loads of special effects in an engaging atmosphere.

Actors will be expected to:
1. Read a scene
2. Move about the stage in various styles
3. Showcase any unique and relevant other talents.

3 SEP 2019, TUE 8 – 9pm 
5 SEP 2019, THU 8 – 9pm 
10 SEP 2019, TUE 8 – 9pm 
12 SEP 2019, THU 8 – 9pm 
17 SEP 2019, TUE 7:30 – 8:30pm 
19 SEP 2019, THU 7:30 – 8:30pm 
24 SEP 2019, TUE 7:30 – 8:30pm 
26 SEP 2019, THU 7:30 – 8:30pm 
8 OCT 2019, TUE 7 – 8pm 
10 OCT 2019, THU 7 – 8pm 
15 OCT 2019, TUE 7:30 – 8:30pm 
17 OCT 2019, THU 7:30 – 8:30pm 
20 OCT 2019, SUN 7:30 – 10pm 
21 OCT 2019, MON 7:30 – 10pm 
22 OCT 2019, TUE 7:30 – 10pm 
23 OCT 2019, WED 7:30 – 10pm 
24 OCT 2019, THU 7:30 – 10pm 
27 OCT 2019, SUN 7:30 – 10pm 

28 OCT 2019, MON 8 – 10:30pm 
29 OCT 2019, TUE 8 – 10:30pm 
30 OCT 2019, WED 8 – 10:30pm 
1 NOV 2019, FRI 8 – 10:30pm 
2 NOV 2019, SAT 8 – 10:30pm

The Drowsy Chaperone (Sept 6 – 14)

Presented by the Bluegrass Players

Winner of five Tony Awards, including Best Book and Best Original Score, The Drowsy Chaperone features one show-stopping song and dance number after another.

With the houselights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical. The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins as the man in the chair looks on. Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan and an intoxicated chaperone, and you have the ingredients for an evening of madcap delight.

Beauty and the Beast Jr. (Sept 20 – 29)

Presented by the Spotlight Acting School

Performed by students ages 9-14

The classic story tells of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end, and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Auditions (Sept 28 – 3:00pm)

Presented by the Spotlight Players

Adults and Children Ages 4+

In this hilarious Christmas classic, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids–probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won’t believe the mayhem – and the fun – when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!

Actors are expected to

1. Read (or Repeat) lines from a scene
2. Act in a scenario
3. Sing an optional solo

Rehearsal Schedule:
7 OCT 2019, MON 7 – 8pm 
9 OCT 2019, WED 7 – 8pm 
14 OCT 2019, MON 7:30 – 8:30pm 
16 OCT 2019, WED 7:30 – 8:30pm 
28 OCT 2019, MON 6 – 7pm 
30 OCT 2019, WED 6 – 7pm 
4 NOV 2019, MON 7:30 – 9pm 
6 NOV 2019, WED 7:30 – 9pm 
11 NOV 2019, MON 7:30 – 8:30pm 
13 NOV 2019, WED 7:30 – 8:30pm 
17 NOV 2019, SUN 6 – 7:30pm 
18 NOV 2019, MON 6 – 7:30pm 
19 NOV 2019, TUE 6 – 7:30pm 
20 NOV 2019, WED 6 – 7:30pm 
21 NOV 2019, THU 6 – 7:30pm 

22 NOV 2019, FRI 7 – 9:30pm 
23 NOV 2019, SAT 7 – 9:30pm 
24 NOV 2019, SUN 2 – 4:30pm 
29 NOV 2019, FRI 7 – 9:30pm 
30 NOV 2019, SAT 7 – 9:30pm 
1 DEC 2019, SUN 2 – 4:30pm

Oklahoma Cast List 2019

Congratulations to all the cast.

The ensemble is extremely important in this show and there are many dances to learn, so please make sure you attend rehearsals. The Leads will most certainly be called for extra rehearsals.

LaureyAlyssa Bustle
CurlyMatt Manning
Aunt EllerMarsha Threlkeld
Will ParkerTarrylton Dunn
Jud FryJeremy Grant
Ado Annie CarnesJazzlyn Threlkeld
Ali HakimTristan Winstead
Gertie CummingsTessa Pickle
Andrew CarnesEdwin Tait
Ike SkidmoreKyle Shelton
FredBrady Sexton
SlimCassidy Jones
EllenCatherine Tait
KateAden Amburgey
SylvieLaura Case
ArminaKylie Hammonds
AggieLauren Cathcart
Cord ElamDillon Pickle
JessDylan Maynard
ChalmersKris Gruber
MikeJay Owens
JoeKyrsten Daugherty
SamJenna Briggs
EnsembleAngel King
Cowboys, FarmersArabella Huff
Ranchers, TownsfolkCarol Rice
Dani Gift
Denessa McPherson
Emily Fothergill
Gabby Wells
Hadley O’Bryan
Jasmine Sexton
Jennifer Woodrift
Kenna Hale
Lilly Cathcart
Lyndsey Varney
Natalie Fitzsimmons
Paula Davis
Phoenix Bills
Sherry Wells
Sophia DeShong
Trudy Tait
JR EnsembleAdi DeShong
Anaeity McPherson
Beau Wilmes
Elizabeth Tait
Leo DeShong

Junie B. Jones Cast List 2019

Junie B.Abby S.Josi A.Tiffany R.
DaddyDylan M.Lucius I.Beau W.
MotherRaegan L.Jessi K.Bella C.
LucilleKennedy L.Gabby W.Callie H.
MayEmily B.Larkin M.Haylee H.
GladysEmbry S.Bailee H.Kate C.
HerbNoah A.Rigel I.Micah R.
CamilleLyndsey V.Sydney D.Sarah A.
ChenilleAinsley P.Jonna S.Leah A.
GraceCamilla R.Emily C.Lainey P.
Bobbi JeanBethany L.Adalyn C.Mallie S.
Ms. Scary/StudentSaylour B.Miley W.Lydia W.
ShirleyDestiny V.Sophie H.Kadance D.
Mrs. Woo/StudentKelly M.Catherine P.Elizabeth T.
JosefinaSophie T.Maya C.Stella H.
Lena/LennieTeddy C.Sam M.Emma W.
SheldonRomero C.Landon S.Max H.
Lunch Student 1 /EnsMcKinley L.Dede L.Sienna P.
Lunch Student/EnsRobyn N.Victoria B.Leigha R.
Lunch Student/EnsAleigha C.Trinity B.Natalie R.
Lunch Student/EnsAdie A.Sofia C.Ady S.
Lunch Student/EnsAnna S.Avery B.Paige G.
Lunch Student/EnsEmma L.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Cast 2019

ChracterBlue (12:30pm)Purple (1:30pm)
Peter Quince
Nick Bottom
Francis Flute
Tom Snout
Robin Starveling
Robin “Puck” Goodfellow
Lucas S.
Irene K.
Darrell H.
Jazzlyn T.
Brady S.
Micah L.
Jessica S.
Elizabeth B.
Bonnie F.
Silas C.
Jasmine S.
Sophie G.
Laura Case
Celia S.
Elizabeth B.
Sophie G.
Jasmine S.
Irene K.
Lucas S.
Emily F.
Darrell H.
Kylie H.
Brady S.
Dillon M.
Jenna B.
Sophia D.
Olivia K.
Caleb K.
Ty C.
Nathaniel K.
Callie H.
Hannah P.
Catherine T.
Lydia A.
Kenna H.
Sophia D.
Callie H.
Nathanial K.
Hannah P.
Emily F.