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Here are some things you should know before auditioning or you may jump to a list of upcoming auditions.
  • AUDITION DETAILS: Each production will have a detailed description of the audition process. Please do not show up for an audition unprepared.
  • REGISTRATION FEE: The registration fee is deducted from the calculated tuition cost before it is advertised and is used as a good faith commitment by the student and family. In most cases, the registration fee is not eligible for financial aid or discounts. If needed, please ask about these discounts when scheduling your audition.
  • AffordableTUITION: Spotlight Acting School is a private tuition based performing arts school. Tuition for each session is individually calculated based on the cost estimates for each production. Tuition may be split however it fits your family budget so long as the total balance is paid in full before the performance dates. Most shows average $15-$20 dollars a week. There are Discounts and Financial Aid for assistance.
  • DISCOUNTS: Certain tuition discounts are available upon request at the time of registration.
Large Family
Large families are always welcome at Spotlight.

Multi-Child (Sibling): Child #1 – pays full price (100%)

Child #2 – pays 80% (that’s a 20% discount)

Child #3 – pays 20% (that’s an 80% discount)

Child #4 – (or more) is free

Multi-Show: Your child may participate in multiple or overlapping productions at no additional charge per week unless the discount
is greater than 50% of the additional shows tuition.

Example 1:
Show #1 has a tuition of $185 for 10 weeks and ends Nov. 1st.

Show# 2 also has a tuition of $185 for 10 weeks but ends Dec. 14th.

Instead of paying $370.00 total for both you only pay $18.50 a week for a total of 26 weeks for the extra 6 weeks of show # 2. The reduced total tuition is $296.00

Example 2:
Show #1 has a tuition of $185 for 10 weeks and ends Nov. 1st.

Show# 2 also has a tuition of $185 for 10 weeks but ends Dec. 1st.

Instead of paying $370.00 total you pay the lowest allowable tuition of $277.50 because the weekly cost of $18.50 for 4 additional weeks of overlap is only $74.00, which is less than 50% of the additional shows tuition.

  • financial aidFINANCIAL AID: Our goal is to turn no student away, but funds are limited. If you have a financial hardship please contact us prior to the audition date for any available financial aid options or discounts.

    If you would like to sponsor a student by making a tax-deductible donation to Spotlight Performing Arts please call us and give the gift of an experience that lasts a lifetime. Spotlight Performing Arts is a registered 501(c)(3) Corporation. Your gifts can be marked for specific recipients or projects.

  • SnowDATES CAN CHANGE: All dates and times are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather. We will work diligently to schedule make-up dates for missed rehearsals, but due to contracts and performance rights licensing agreements, show dates are often difficult if even possible to reschedule.
  • CLOSED REHEARSALS: We pride ourselves first and foremost as a school. As an educational organization, it is imperative that we remove as many distractions and as much stress from our students as we can to give theClosed Rehearsalm the best experience possible. It is impossible for these students to give us their full attention and focus if they are concerned about Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or their friends. Often times they are lead to withdraw from full participation, tempted to communicate with the visitor or over compensate on stage. Either way, it is unfair to all the students in the session. Please inform anyone that may be providing transportation to your child that they will need to wait outside or go somewhere else during rehearsals.
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