Space Pirates Cast List 2018

We are so excited to get started on this fun show and see all the talent on the stage – we had a difficult time putting such strong kids in the roles.  Luckily, this show has great parts for everyone.  There is a “Kid” group, a “Pirate” Group and an “Alien” Group.  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!!
Rehearsals will begin THIS Saturday and are from 8:30-9:30.
Tell your little ones Congratulations and we will see you on Saturday!
Museum Guide Hannah Patton
Gabby Bella Collier
Jai Max Himes
Taylor Mallie Strong
Jack Micah Robertson
Casey/Anderdash Jonna Sizemore
Riley/Amberding Arabella Huff
Dylan/Baz Seth Bingham
Blake Dillon Pickle
Pirate Captain Dylan Maynard
Argyle Leah Ashcraft
Kevlar Sarah Ashcraft
Zargon Sophia DeShong
Goldarg Kai Kukas
Jolar Elizabeth Tait
Baart Noah Adams
Garr Mason Bingham
Orb Campbelle Price
Captain Jot Callie Harris
Allbot Brooklyn Pelfrey
Margella Embry Scarborough
Esterly Lily Bacon
Shocky Leighanne Hastie
Lolop Bethany Lunceford
Sealy Korrigan Gift
Professor Lool Max Chatfield
Croton Ava Mitchell
Fimmal Catherine Pomeroy
Flerp Halle Alford
Glerp Adyson Smith
Kid & Alien Ensemble Adeline Adams
Kid & Alien Ensemble Emma Senters