Press Start Cast List 2018

Rehearsals will be on Saturdays from 1-2:00.

Rehearsals begin this Saturday, June 16th.

Performances will be Aug 31- Sept 2.

Young Adventurer
Ainsley Pence

Marco the Plumber
Carter Begley

Lorenzo the Brother
Daegan Brown

Princess Pomegranate
Embry Scarborough

Mega Kid
Isaac Chasteen

Generic Ghost
Jasper Stapleton

Little Mushroom
Josie Hunt

Slimy Alien
Kodi Pence

Spikey Turtle
Landon Seale

Paws the Fox
Leif Thivierge

Helpful Dinosaur
Leighanne Hastie

Mad Scientist
Lily Bacon

John Elway
Max Himes

Karate Guy
Romero Cranstoun

Teddy Cranstoun

Evil Robot
Tiffany Reed

Speedy the Hedgehog
Kylie Hammonds


Pac Anne
Sarah Bucknam

Square Builder
Caraline Perkins

Angry Birdy
Mary Harter

Jessie Lawson