Christmas Showcase Cast List 2016

Casting and Scene Directors – Sarah Bucknam, Jeremy Grant, Jessie Lawson

Script by Jeremy Grant

Music Directors – Leth Hembree,  Laura Gallien

Organizing/Tech Director – Chad Hembree

If you have a question about casting, a scene or character please ask the appropriate scene director on Saturday.

Bonnie Fitzsimmons. Lydia Amburgey, Dylan Maynard, Gannon Stearns, Zach Perkins, Kylie Hammonds, Saylour Burchfield, Carson Stanifer, Jenna Briggs, Mya Hunt, JeanLuc Gallien, Lainey Perkins, Sophia Crosby, Caraline Perkins, Gavin Bradley, Lily Wickersham. Lily Meade, Caleb Rader, Rylan Stone, Will Harter, Bailey Davis, Kara Peters

Scene from Elf the movie (Sparkle, Holly Jolly Christmas)
Bradley Powell, John Harter, Andrea Kobryn
Dancers: Jessie Lawson, Mary Harter, Micheal Soens, Jace Kuecken, Caleb Rader, Aiden Amburgey, Martha Lowe

Grown Up Christmas List
Mary Harter, Jace Kuecken, Maria Soens, Taylor Edwards, Jessie Lawson

Silent Night (German/English)
All Cast

Christmas Vacation
Bobby Amburgey (Eddie) , Beverley Hammonds (Catherine), Matt Manning (Clark), Caleb Radar (Rusty), Taylor Edwards (Ellen), Caraline Perkins (Audrey), Ryan Peters (Art), Laura Gallien (Francis)

Christmas Story
Will Harter (Ralph), Andrea Kobryn (Mom), Bradley Powell (Dad), Zach Perkins (Randy)

Acapella Group
Jessie Lawson, Mary Harter, more to be added

White Christmas
All Cast

Charlie Brown
Jean Luc Gallien (Charlie), Mya Hunt (Lucy), Dylan Maynard (Linus)

Hip Hop Dance
To be cast from participants later

What’s This
To be cast from participants later

Jingle All the Way
(Optional scene to be cast if needed)

Politically Correct Christmas
Jeremy Grant, All Children

Polar Express (Believe)
Zach Perkins, Bonnie Fitzsimmons

I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Matt Manning

Bring Him Home Santa
Caraline Perkins

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause
Carson Stanifer

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
Mya Hunt

Baby it’s Cold Outside
Lily Wickersham, Jean Luc Gallien

Christmas Waltz
Sarah Bucknam, Anthony Jeck, JeanLuc Gallien, Bonnie Fitzsimmons, Bobby Amburgey, Aden Amburgey,
Paula Davis (Singing)


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