James & the Giant Peach Jr. Cast List


James and the Giant Peach Cast List

This was by far the hardest show that Spotlight has EVER had to cast. The TALENT that auditioned was UNBELIEVABLE. This made the casting process a difficult task but is going to make this show AMAZING. We are so looking forward to working with this talented group!

*indicates a vocal solo


*Ladhalord- Max M.

*James- David L.

*Ladybug- Emmy C.

*Grasshopper- JeanLuc G.

*Spider- Bonnie F.

*Earthworm- Dylan M.

*Centipede- Asher C.

*Spiker- Mary H.

*Sponge- Jazzyln T.

*Matron Nurse/Ridgley Rapscallion- Caraline Perkins

*Buzz- Mya H.

Mr.Trotter- Rylan Stone

Mrs.Trotter/Violet Funkschmeller- Sidney H.

Karl Kreator- Caleb Rader

Woman (with Wallet) – Michiko D.

Passing Woman- Raya M.

Billy Bobby Cop- Asa S.

Bobby Bobby Cop- Isaiah C.

*Doreen Driggles- Kara P.

Chris Cryermouth- Will H.

Ida Walters- Mallory Hale

*Bitsy Botana- Lilly W.

Screaming Woman- Natasha D.

Jake- Garret S.

Joe- Will C.

Lucille Van Koogleston- Morgan H.

Bunny Mackenzie the Third- Lilly M.


Some children will also be asked to take part in FULL COMPANY NUMBERS. The company appears in nearly all of the musical numbers and is an integral part of the show.

Company (zoo crowd, vagrants, ladies garden guild, garden chorus, Hollywood agents, reporters, angry crowd, farm animals, sharks, seagulls, cruise ensemble, New Yorkers)

Caraline P.

Rylan S.

Caleb R.

Michiko D.

Raya M.

Asa S.

Isaiah C.

Kara P.

Sidney H.

Will H.

Mallory H.

Lilly W.

Natasha D.

Garret S.

Will C.

Morgan H.

Lilly M.


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