Annie Cast List 2016


Congratulations to all the cast!

Blue Group Character Purple Group
Lydia Amburgey Annie Kara Peters
Kylie Hammonds Grace Braelyn Cameron
Ty Cain Warbucks Barrett Keck
Bailey Bullock Hannigan Sasha Yow
Brady Sexton Rooster Colin Richey
Charley Hamilton Lily Gabriella Martin
Hannah Cummings Pepper Taylor Hembree
Sadie Osborne Molly Abby Traylor
Davany Bullock Kate Elena Cintra
Saylour Burchfield Duffy Lesley Morgan
Emma Lake Tessie Samantha Greene
Jessi King July Ally Foley
Zane Bullock Sandy Elly Traylor
Seth Hahn Lt. Ward Milla Binder
Jenna Briggs Miss Drake Makena Comley
Bundles Turk Hembree
Sydney Woods Louis Howe Tess McLin
Teaghan Plymale Apple Seller/Orphan Bentlee Hensley
Lainey Williamson Star to be/Orphan Opal Bailey
Phoebe Omohundro Usherette/Orphan Emma Wilson
Jasmine Sexton Servant/Orphan

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