Beauty & The Beast Cast List

Due to the large number of actors who auditioned for Beauty and the Beast, we are happy that we are able to have two casts! Both casts will still perform the same dates that were originally advertised, however, there will be multiple performances by different casts on Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22. Performance and rehearsal schedules are all available below.The only difference in the Blue and Purple groups are rehearsal and performance times. Both groups receive the same blocking, choreography, instruction, etc.

Beauty & The Beast Rehearsal Schedule

Dates Blue Ensemble Principal Purple Ensemble
1/23/16 – 2/06/16 3:00 – 4:00 4:00 -5:00 5:00 -6:00
2/13/16 – 5/07/16 10:30 – 11:30 11:30 – 12:30 12:30 – 1:30


Dress Rehearsal/Performance Week Schedule

Blue Rehearsals:

5/14/16 10:30-1:30

5/15/16 2:00-5:00

5/16/16 5:30-8:30

5/18/16 5:30-8:30

Blue Performances:

5/20/16 7pm

5/21/16 2pm

5/22/16 7pm


Purple Rehearsals:

5/13/16 5:30-8:30

5/14/16 3:30-6:30

5/15/16 5:00-8:00

5/17/16 5:30-8:30

Purple Performances:

5/19/16 7pm

5/21/16 7pm

5/22/16 2pm



Principal Characters

Blue Group Character Purple Group
Coddi B. Belle Deanna B.
Jeremy G. Beast Jeremy G.
Anthony J. Gaston Matt M.
Benji R. Lefou David L.
Laura G. Mrs. Potts Jessie L.
Matthew N. Lumiere Matthew N.
Darrell H. Cogsworth Ryan P.
Alice J. Wardrobe Dianne S.
Katie W. Babette Kesha H.
Chad H. Maurice Braden H.
Zach P. Chip Bailey D.
Alyssa B. Silly Girl 1 Dayah S.
Carli R. Silly Girl 2 Chelsea T.
Aden A. Silly Girl 3 Hannah M.
Joey R. D’Arque/Narrator Zach M.
Mya H. Beggar/Enchantress Aubrey C.




Blue Ensemble

Joey R. D’Arque/Narrator/Mob/Knife
Mya H. Beggar/Enchantress/Napkin/Mob
Alyssa B. Silly Girl 1/Wolf/Napkin
Aden A. Silly Girl 3/Napkin
Carli R. Silly Girl 2/Napkin
Emily M. Aristocratic Lady/Mob/Spoon
Jordan R. Bookseller/Mob/Wolf/Fork
Maria S. Fish Man/Mob/Wisk
JeanLuc G. Baker/Mob/Dish
Dylan M. Shepard Boy/ Wolf/Carpet/Mob
Tristan W. Hat Seller/Knife/Mob
Kylie H. Sausage Curl Girl/Mob/Dish
Kayla S. Lady With Cane/ Mob/Fork
Eva C. Milkmaid/Mob/Dish
Mitchell B. Candle Maker/Mob/Fork
Andrea K. Lady With Baby/Mob/Wisk
Laura C. Egg Man/Mob/Fork
Caraline P. Wolf/Mob/Spoon
Lindy F. Wolf/Napkin/Mob
Shandi J. Mob/Spoon
Annie J. Mob/Salt Shaker
Shelby S. Mob/Pepper Shaker
Lexi W. Mob/Spoon
Addyson F. Mob/Dish




Purple Ensemble

Zach M. D’Arque/Narrator/Mob/Wolf/Salt Shaker
Aubrey C. Beggar/Enchantress/Napkin/Wolf/Mob
Dayah S. Silly Girl 1/Napkin/Mob
Hannah M. Silly Girl 3/Napkin/Mob
Chelsea T. Silly Girl 2/ Napkin/Mob
Denise N. Aristocratic Lady/Mob/Wisk
Steven C. Bookseller/Mob/Knife
Brooks K. Fish Man/Mob/Fork
Caleb R. Baker/ Wolf/Mob/Dish
Grant S. Shepard Boy/ Mob/Dish
Riley S. Hat Seller/Mob/Dish
Gwen S. Sausage Curl Girl/Mob/Knife
Lily R. Lady With Cane/ Mob/Fork
Kara P. Milkmaid/Mob/Dish
Chloe S. Candle Maker/Napkin/Mob
Erin S. Lady With Baby/Mob/Pepper Shaker
Sydney P. Egg Man/Carpet/Wolf/Mob
Heather I. Mob/Fork
Mckenzie B. Mob/Spoon
Kristen G. Mob/Spoon
Bella D. Mob/Fork
Candace Mob/Spoon
Trinity V. Mob/Wisk
Raley H. Mob/Spoon

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