Mulan Cast List


Mulan  Cast List

Caleb – Mushu, Son

Hannah – Ling, Daughter

Katie – Laozi, Lin, Mother

Kylie – Mag-Yar, Daughter

Alyssa – Mulan

Jazzlyn – Yao, Mother

Jessica – Subar-Tu, Daughter

Maria – Grandmother Fa, Chinese soldier, Mother

Mallory – Chi Fu, Matchmaker, Daughter

Olivia – Hong, Zhang, Daughter

Max – Fa Zhou, Father, Emperor

Braden – Captain Shang, Father

Brooks- Qing Po, Son

Neely – Yun, Mother

Micheal – Shan Yu, Father

Caleigh – Fa Li, Chinese soldier, Mother

Candace – Chen, Daughter

Additional ensemble (dressmakers, hairdressers, soldiers, etc.) and group roles will be assigned throughout rehearsals, all of which have a heavy stage presence.

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