Costume Construction for Charlie

The Charlie Brown cast is not only working hard on the show itself but also their costumes. The cast, directors, and parents have worked together to create costumes for each character.


“It’s amazing what a little fabric and a hot glue gun can do”
Sarah Bucknam


“ It has been so much fun watching these 6 kids get so excited about their costumes. We were told that one student even turned down a day at the pool because he knew a piece of his costume was scheduled to be delivered that day.”
– Aj Jeck


“When Caraline found out she cast as Sally, she was beyond excited, even though her character wears pink! Caraline is not a fan of pink but “its all for the cause” she says! 😀

Measuring and sewing her polka dot dress and lacing her white shoes with black strings to match her character has been exciting. Caraline can’t wait until the entire Peanuts cast is together in full costume!”

– Katie Perkins: Sally’s Mom

Make sure to mark your calendars to come see the finished products!


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