Charlie Brown rehearsals are still going strong. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, this show was created to challenge our students who were ready for an extra push. We have challenged the students with the difficulty of choreography and music but also with the rehearsal intensity. Spotlight students typically rehearse every Saturday for 1-3 hours but we pushed the Charlie Brown cast much harder. Last week Charlie Brown rehearsed every night for three hours and for EIGHT hours on Friday. We choreographed and cleaned ALL musical numbers.

“When deciding to conduct such an intense week, I had my worries. This week could have gone one of two ways. The kids could have loved every second and come out stronger actors OR we could have killed them(not literally). I am pleased to say that each student arrived and left with an amazing amount of energy and an increased love and passion for the ARTS!
Sarah Bucknam


Mya Hunt and Dylan Maynard practicing Harmony

We asked the Charlie Brown cast a few questions after this crazy week to get their opinions. You can find some of their answers below…

1.) What have you enjoyed most about being a part of the Charlie Brown Cast?
2.) What are you most excited about?
3.) Share your favorite memory from this past week.


Caraline Perkins: Sally Brown

  1. I enjoy more one-on-one time with the directors because there aren’t as many people. I love this group of people too!
  2. I am so excited about performing at the schools because I’ve never gotten to do that before!
  3. When Matthew brought his iPod and we were listening to broadway radio. “Naughty”, from Matilda, came on and we went crazy! We were jumping and dancing all over the place!


Jean Luc Gallien: Charlie Brown

  1. Learning new dances and getting to hang out with friends.
  2. Seeing how the play comes together and getting to perform at different schools
  3. Everybody sharing their costume ideas. It’s hard to think of one thing that stands out, because I’m happy every time I go!!


Mya Hunt: Lucy

  1.  Singing practice, acting, dancing,and being part of the cast.
  2. Performing for people and doing the traveling shows.
  3. When we dressed up during rehearsal and we acted wild and crazy. Oh yeah….. and planning Sarah and Aj ‘ s wedding.



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