Cinderella 2015 Cast List

Cinderella, Step Mother, Portia, Joy and anyone who has more than one listing below will need 2 or more costumes.  Congratulations to everyone for a great audition!

Cinderella – Mya Hunt

Step Mother – Michaela Agee

Portia – Celia Shaffer

Joy – Jamielee Smith

Prince – David Lawson

Fairy Godmother – Eva Clark

Herald – Barrett Keck

Queen – Aubrey Crabtree

King – Daniel McPherson

Steward/Townsperson – Summer Hicks

Horses/Townsperson/Palace Guest
Saylour Burchfield, Bailee Sparks, Madelyne Crabtree, Natalie Witt

Coachman/Palace Guest/Townsperson
Addison Greer

Footman/Palace Guest/Townsperson
Bella Mogan

Palace Staff/Ball Guest/Townsperson
Bailey Bullock, Milla Binder, Sasha Yow, Raya Miller,
Addyson Fischer, Kylie Hammonds

Chef/Townsperson/Ball Guest
Peyton Gabbard

Townsperson/Ball Guest
Davany Bullock, ShyAnne Couch, Abby Mogan, Cadance Couch, Juliette Crabtree, Cerridwyn Miller, Jillian Mogan,
Carli Barnett, Leiah Crabtree, Isaac Sartor,
Eleanor Sartor, Anna Harris, Madison Short

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