Arsenic and Old Lace – 2015 Cast List


Abby Brewster    –    Jessie Lawson

Martha Brewster    –    Hannah DuBois

Elaine Harper    –    Carli Roush

Mortimer Brewster    –    Matthew Nassida

Teddy Brewster    –     Lucas Slagle

Dr. Einstein    –    Benji Roush

Jonathan Brewster    –    Joey Roush

Officer Brophy    –    Jessica Stone

Rev. Dr. Harper     –     Maria Soens
(To be played as a female.  Maria will also serve as the Prop Master)

Office Klein     –     Kylie Cornett

Officer O’Hara    –    Jordan Roush

Lt. Rooney    –     Uncast

Mr. Witherspoon    –    Gwen Schneider
(Gwen will also serve as the Wardrobe Assistant)

Mr. Gibbs    –    Michael Soens
(Michael will also serve as the Master Carpenter)

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