Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Cast


All cast members will be dressed as “normal” kids in black and white clothing in the opening scene and all cast members will be in the court scene as a character in the end. Plan for those costume pieces as well.

Micheal Soens – Cheshire Cat 1
Jazzlyn Threlkeld – Cheshire Cat 2
Lexie Meade – Cheshire Cat 3
McKenzie Bargo – Mathilda, Cardsmen, Rock Lobster
Aden Amburgey – Alice
Linda Coffee – Tall Alice
Olivia Barracca – Small Alice
Olivia Short – White Rabbit
Laura Case – Doorknob, Birthday Guest
Hannah Mullins – Dodo Bird, Birthday Guest
Brooks Kidd – Tweedle Dum
Tristan Winstead – Tweedle Dee
Maria Soens – Rose
Bailey Smith – Petunia
Shandi Johnson – Lily
Lydia Coleman – Violet
Gwen Schneider – Daisy
Braden Hatton – Caterpillar
Mary Harter – Mad Hatter
Katie Upchurch – March Hare
Meredith Grefer – Queen of Hearts
Landon Combs – King of Hearts, Birthday Guest, Rock Lobster
Annie Johnson – Flower, Cardsmen
Mallory Hale – Flower, Cardsmen
Candace Keith – Flower, Cardsmen
Alyvia Mullins – Cardsmen, Caucus Race Creature
Raegan Stepp – Cardsmen, Rock Lobster, Birthday Guest
Blair Soens – Caucus Race Creature

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