You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Spotlight Acting school is first and foremost, a school. We work hard to make sure that every second a student is in our care, they are being challenged and are learning. Over the past year, we have noticed that some of our students were progressing so quickly that they were no longer being pushed or challenged when working with their age group. To make sure that every student enrolled was receiving the amount of attention/information they needed to continue growing, we created an intermediate group. For the intermediate group’s first season, we picked six students who went above and beyond what was asked of them in the last several productions. These students had presented not only talent but also drive and a passion for their art. 

Every group presents a production at the end of their session. The production that was chosen for the intermediate group was You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown is usually performed by six adults, but Spotlight had faith that these youngsters could pull it off! Directors Sarah Bucknam and Anthony Jeck began rehearsals early July. 


“We couldn’t be more proud of this group of kids. We knew going into this show that it was going to be challenging, but our students have surpassed every obstacle thus far. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with students who have a passion for theater like we do!”
-Sarah Bucknam 

“It’s always wonderful watching all of our students grow and learn, from the least to most experienced.  These 6 kids, though, have taken the more advanced and demanding instruction in stride, and it’s inspiring to watch their passion, talent, and enthusiasm.  I hope we can continue to give this sort of opportunity to these students and other deserving students in the future.”
– AJ Jeck
Spotlight is not the only one that sees the potential in this small group. Director, Sarah Bucknam, recently approached Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives to brag on the cast. East Kentucky was so impressed with this group that they have decided to sponsor You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown for $7,000. East Kentucky will be presenting Charlie Brown and the other peanuts with the check before their first performance (September 25th) at the Spotlight Playhouse. 


Make sure to mark your calendars so you can come support this amazing cast and check out our new home in Berea! 

The Spotlight Playhouse

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