Shrek Diaries Day 7

Good morning all! This evening will make our third day into tech week and our second day of dress rehearsals. I am thrilled on how things are coming along! The cast is working so hard, the band sounds great, and technical details are finally wrapping up!

I’m proud of how diligently everyone has been working. This group has truly been a dream cast. Each person has dedicated themselves to putting time and effort in not only the big stuff, but the small details as well.

I could talk all day about the small things the whole cast has pulled together, but today’s feature will be on how Matt Manning prepares for each show. Matt is a college student from Eastern Kentucky University, who is premiering in his first Spotlight show playing Lord Farquaad.

Day 7 of Shrek Diaries: Farquaad’s Makeup

Lord Farquaad is a comical yet conceited character. Despite his face makeup, you shouldn’t consider him high brow.

Before every tech/dress rehearsal this is how Matt has been getting ready to become Farquaad:

First, he covers his eyebrows in glue and matte acrylic paint.


Then he puts foundation over the paint.


Then  comes his eyebrows.
IMG_0181Afterwards he dawns on his whole costume get up!


Photo taken by Sarah Bucknam with Pretty Pixels Photography. Check her work out here!

To see Matt as Lord Farquaad in action, don’t miss Shrek the Musical this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! For more information you can click here! You can also let us know you’re coming by RSVPing (not mandatory) on Facebook here!

For more #Shrekdiaries you can check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6. Stay tuned for more entries until the show premieres!



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