Shrek Diaries Day 6

Good evening everyone!

I can’t believe it’s show week! Only four more days until opening night! Yesterday was an extremely productive day. The band moved in, four trailer loads of sets and equipment brought in the theatre, the cast worked with the set pieces for the first time, and tech cues were assigned. It was a blast!

Although rehearsal was phenomenal, my personal favorite part was moving a particular set piece to the theatre: good ole Bessie.

Day 6 of Shrek Diaries: Dragon

Meet the lady we have all decided to call Bessie, our fire-breathing dragon. She can also hit some wicked notes.

Watching this transformation has been incredible! Can you believe she was once only chicken wire and last week’s newspapers?


The dragon was created by Spotlight friend, Scott R.O. Smith. He and his fiancé, Critley King, AJ, and Sarah, have spent many nights working on Bessie to get her to perfection!


Can you imagine driving next to Bessie on the highway? Let’s just say we got a lot of weird looks yesterday.



Just wait until you see her at full form! Dragon/Bessie is one of the many reasons why you should come see Shrek the Musical this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:00, or at 2:00 on Sunday. You will also see Critley in the production as the Witch, as well as AJ shredding some guitar, and Sarah and myself puppeteering Bessie.


Also don’t forget our Swamp Dance Party Friday night after the production, or our Shrek Camp, which shows a behind the scenes look of the show.

Stay tuned for more #Shrekdiaries until the production begins!


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