Shrek Diaries Day 5

Good afternoon!

With only six more days until opening night for our production of Shrek the Musical, we decided we should share the creative projects and hard work our cast, crew, and parents have been coming up with!

Yesterday I shared an exciting preview of our three little pigs’ costumes. Today I’ll give a little sneak peak of one of Fiona’s costumes.

Day 5 of Shrek Diaries: The Wedding Dress

Now since this is a wedding dress, I can’t share the whole outfit. After all, it is bad luck, right?


I can reveal that it is big and poofy! And white. And at a price real brides would swoon for.


Made from white tulle and elastic, the skirt part of the dress had to make for a quick costume change. Thus I can say no more without spoiling too much of the production!


You don’t need to RSVP for this wedding though, cuz it’s taking place in Shrek the Musical! Come see the whole outfit along with a production you cannot miss June 11-14 at Madison Middle auditorium. For more info click here!

For more of our #Shrekdiaries check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 and stay tuned in the upcoming days before the production!


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