Shrek Diaries Day 3

Good morning all! This is Brandi writing here.

For anyone that was not aware, Spotlight Acting School’s Shrek the Musical premieres in just 9 more days! With so little time and so much being done behind the scenes in order to bring the audience a truly spectacular show, it’s hard not to share some of the work from our students, crew, and parents!

Day 1 I shared Dulocian wigs

Day 2 was ogre skin

Day 3 is something you may find cute, yet disgusting. And this time I’m not talking about ogres.

Day 3 of Shrek Diaries: Dancing Rats

That’s right, rhythmic rodents. And I’m not talking about the singing, dancing three blind mice that are in the show either.


Even if you don’t like rats, how can you not find these tiny cast members adorable? Director Sarah has creatively taken stuffed bears to make them into light weight rats!




Why must they be light weight? Well that is because these rats will be dancing on top of Sarah’s feet, along with choreographer Kelly’s, cast member Sienna’s, and my own feet as well! Thus I will say no more, not to spoil too much of the show, but dancing rats is one of the many reasons for you not to miss this production June 11-14! For more information on the performances click here! Until then stay tuned for more previews with #Shrekdiaries.

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