Shrek Diaries Day 2

Good morning all! Brandi, here.

In anticipation of opening night of Spotlight Acting School’s production of Shrek the Musical in TEN DAYS, we have decided to share some of the projects the directors, cast, crew, and even parents are putting together to make this show epic. To check out Day 1 click here!

Day 2 of Shrek Diaries: Ogre Skin

For those of you that have never watched Shrek the Musical or the movie Shrek, I am going to give away major detail: ogres are green.

Thus, since we are doing Shrek the Musical, and I was sure the cast members playing ogres in the production didn’t want to consider temporarily dying their skin green, it was decided we were going to need green skin paint.

There are actually two different brands of ogre skin paint we are using. One is from a professional company that specializes in stage make up and theatre prosthetics, then one is from the Halloween store and concocted in my kitchen.

Meet the stuff that turns our students into ogres, what I have been calling Ogre Skin.


I, of course, had to test it out so here is a picture of Brandi the Ogre!


To see some of your favorite actors on stage in a green hue thanks to Ogre Skin, be sure you don’t miss Shrek the Musical June 11-14th at Madison Middle Auditorium in Richmond, Kentucky.


Can’t wait to see you in the audience. Stay tuned for more #Shrekdiaries in the upcoming days!

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