Shrek the Musical – 2015 – Cast List

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(in alphabetical order by first name)

Abby Traylor – Fairy

Aden Amburgey – Blind Mice #3

Allie Morris – Pied Piper, Guard, Happy People/Mob

Austin VanWinkle – Papa Ogre, Guard, Bishop

Beau Schneider – Guard (speaking), Happy People/Mob

Benjamin (Benji) Roush – Little Shrek, Guard, Happy People/Mob

Blair Soens – Happy People/Mob

Bonnie Fitzsimmons– Baby Bear, Duloc Performer

Caleb Rader – Pinocchio

Caraline Perkins – Young Fiona, Duloc Performer, Ugly Duckling

Carli Roush – Peter Pan

Celia Schaffer – Sugar Plum Fairy

Chelsea Tipton – Queen Lilian (Sat/Sun), Duloc Performer, Happy People/Mob

Christian Snyder – Greeter, Guard, Happy People/Mob

Critley King – Witch

Dylan Maynard – White Rabbit/Little Bunny

Elizabeth Vincent – Blind Mice #1, Tapper/Skeleton Dancing Knight

Elly Traylor – Fairy

Emerson Taulbee – Dwarf

Emily Fields – Queen Lilian (Thurs/Fri), Duloc Performer, Happy People/Mob

Emily Moren – Mama Ogre, Duloc Performer

Erin Schneider – Mama Bear

Gwen Schneider – Humpty Dumpty

Jeremy Grant – Shrek

Jessie Lawson – Fiona

Joey Roush – Captain of the Guard, Happy People/Mob

Jordan Roush – Thelonius, Happy People/Mob

Kayla Newland – Pig #2

Katie Upchurch – Pig #3

Katie Willis – Dragon, Duloc Performer

Kesha Hale – Gingy

Lucas Slagle – King Harold (Sat/Sun), Pig #1

Maria Soens – Duloc Performer, Happy People/Mob

Marissa Hatton – Duloc Performer, Happy People/Mob

Mark Fields – King Harold (Thurs/Fri), Guard, Happy People/Mob

Mary Harter – Mad Hatter

Matt Manning – Farquaad

Matthew Nassida – Donkey

Micheal Soens – Guard, Happy People/Mob

Mya Hunt – Teen Fiona, Duloc Performer, Elf

Neeley Traylor – Fairy Godmother

Rebekah Vincent – Blind Mice #2, Tapper/Dancing Skeleton Knight

Rusty Day – Wolf

Tristan Winstead – Papa Bear

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